Michael, I can’t take my eyes off from you. I can’t be sated with you. I want anda so much. My Cinta to anda makes me suffer and at the same time I am satisfied with loving you. I am watching the court and I can’t believe that it’s all about you, my dear my Michael, my lover. For me anda are real, anda exist, anda continue living and my hati, tengah-tengah is open for you. How much I wanna hug anda and Ciuman you. I still feel your smell, your touch, your presence. anda are much lebih close to me then even before. Our affinity still lasts and I am pleased.
I am watching This is it. anda are onstage and I am thinking that if we had a chance to meet, anda would be attracted to me immediately. Maybe it sounds a bit arrogant but I know for sure anda wouldn’t miss me. anda were definitely my man. I even draw in my imagination the passion that would grow between us. I imagine the way anda would look at me and behave with me. It would be the most wonderful interaction. I feel it. This is our bond - I am sending anda my Cinta to anda through the screen and get possible Cinta from it, from you. I Cinta you. I think I could save you, darling.