I take a teary look up at the stars. They twinkle so bright and beautfiully... I bet those stars have Valentines... Everyone but me. I hate Valentines day... The Moon peeks out of the inky clouds, just as I hear a familiar angelic voice say in a breathless tone,
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Michael sits in the rumput seterusnya to me. Oh my God, nothing is as beautiful as him... His jheri curls are in a ponytail with some curls hanging in front of his face. He's glowing. I can feel myself get Butterflies.
"Amazing," I reply with a nod of my head, talking lebih about him than the stars. His amazing almond-shaped Chocolate brown eyes flick from the stars to me. I shiver.
"You cold?" he asks, scooting up to me, his cinnamion scent flooding my nose, and Rama-rama filling my stomach as he puts his arm around me.
"A little bit,"
He does this adorable giggle and squeezes me to him, then sings, "And I will keep anda warm... Through the shadows of the night..." then giggles again.
"That's cute," I want to Ciuman his cheek. But we're just friends... That's how things are. It's cliche, really... Life is just one huge cliche! "So, whatcha doin out here?"
"Keeping anda warm,"
"Other than that," I laugh.
"Looking for you. When 'Toya starting talking about Valentines Day, anda just left..." he has a gentle tone.
"Oh... Yeah. I'm sorry..."
"Do anda wanna talk about it?"
"Talk about what?"
"Valentines day,"
"If I wanted to talk about it, I would've stayed, Mr. Holmes," I mess with one of his silky black curls.
"Is it because... anda don't have a Valentine?" he's not saying this in a mocking way... it's lebih like a sympathetic/ caring tone.
But I don't say anything. A cool night wind blows my hair in my face. The crickets chirp and the leaves rustle. I can feel Michael's heartbeat. It's pumping out a melody. It's magical.
"You know, Addy..." he moves my hair out of my face, leaving tingles in his fingertips' wake. "I don't have a Valentine either..."
"You're Michael Jackson! Last tahun anda got millions of Valentines! And the tahun before that, and that... Every year!"
"But they don't know me. They don't know who I want... I'm real nervous to tell her I Cinta her..."
I can feel my hati, tengah-tengah shatter. I refuse to Cry. R E F U S E. "Oh? Who is she?" I ask, in a lebih collected voice than I thought.
"I'll tell ya if I get 'er..." he sighs. "Got any advice?"
"To ask her out?"
He nods.
"Sing her a Cinta song... Umm..." I tap my chin. "Does she know you... Cinta her?"
"I hope so..."
"Do something she likes, like, take her out on a date, atau to a movie... Ooh! If there's a certain object atau Kandi she likes, go all E.T. on her!"
Michael laughs. "Set out a trail atau whatever?"
"Yeah," I nod. "That'd be interesting!"
"That's cute. You're really cute, anda know?"
I blush. "You keep sayin that..."
"It's cuz it's true!" Then he tickles me and I burst out laughing.
"St- Sto- Stop!" I laugh. He tickles me till I have tears in my eyes. Then we feel some raindrops.
"I guess that's God sayin it's time to go to bed," Michael sighs, helping me up. His hands are so soft and warm... I get tingles and Butterflies.
"What room did I put my bags in?" I yawn.
I wipe the sleep eyes and stretch. Good morning, Heartbreak Hotel, I think. At least Michael's found Love... He really deerves it. He'll be Happy!
I go and take a shower, then get dressed (Nah, I go nekkid >.>), and go downstairs, following the scent of Michael's French Toast.
"Happy Valentines Day, Addy!" Michael sings, bright, cheery, and glowing. I feel Rama-rama and a Smile on my face. "Happy Valentines Day, Eo,"
"Have any dreams?" he asks, finishing the stack, now onto powdering them.
"Everybody has dreams... All the time," I yawn.
"You know what I mean," he laughs.
"Not that I remember," I say. "You?"
"Hmm..." he pauses. "Just one,"
"What was it of?"
"That she berkata yes," he puts whipped cream (with a ceri, cherry on top) on the French roti bakar and drizzles some syrup over them. He gets a fork and sets the Makanan in front of me. I blush.
"For me?" I ask. It looks beautiful...
He nods, starry-eyed. "You like it?"
"It's so pretty... I don't wanna mess it up..."
"It's made to be eaten," he says.
"That's what she said," I snicker.
He giggles. "I'll be back,"
"Aww... Kay, Teminator..." I pout.

When I take my stuff to the sink, something catches my eye. A stuffed turtle! I put my sink in the dishwasher, and go to look at it. It's so cute!!! There's a note, and a sudden sense of deja vu... My hati, tengah-tengah pounds. The note has My name and hearts around it. Then I notice a bag of Skittles sitting on the counter.
He's doing what I suggested... I Smile as I pick up the last gift. A card that has a penyu on it, Membaca "Addiline, will anda be my Valentine?"
Michael comes from around the corner, Singing Baby Be Mine. I feel tears come to my eyes as he sings, with slightly altered lyrics, "Baby, Be my Valentine?"
We hug tight. "Yes!"