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Source: Some site that sells badges atau someting like these. I DON'T OWN THESE
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The Egg salad Equivalency is 12th episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.Along with other episodes of the season, this installment is filled with lots of laughter and Joy. Here, Sheldon will come up with troubles, which further will others to face them. Sheldon appears with a trouble, where he tells about the condition, where he is charged with sexually harassment. He tells about the accused to the other members of group, which takes the team to face trouble for him. On the other side, Alex’s reactions are making Penny to feel insecure. The episode will be premiered on 3rd January’s night. Visit the link to watch full episode.
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A senarai of 50 simple rules from The Big Bang Theory

TBBT Rules

1. For some reason, Captain Sweat Pants has always to be in the comic book store

2. If anda daydream with Bolliwood, that doesn´t make anda gay

3. If anda don´t check your messages, we will descend to anarchy

4. The fourth Harry Potter movie was just fine

5. Everything beats "Enchanted bunny"

6. The Chesscake Factory freezer locks out from the outside

7. anda don´t watch Babylon 5

8. "It´s not what it looks like" means "It is what it looks like"

9. anda only can drink hot Chocolate in months with an "r" on them

10. anda can swear to cow

11. If...
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