The Bill Who was your favourite character ever in The bill?(You can add your own)

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Alex Walkinshaw-Insp Dale Smith
Sam Callis-Sgt Callum Stone
Gary Lucy-Will Fletcher
Ben Richards-PC Nate Roberts
Roberta Taylor-Insp Gina emas
Andrew Lancel-Neil Manson
Dominic Power-PC Leon Taylor
PC Dave Quinnan
Benjamin Gayle
Christopher Fox-Max Carter
Eric Richards Sgt Bob Cryer
Added by aldo1
Melanie Gutteridge- Emma Keane
Added by TheBllFan
sally rogers - jo masters
sally rogers - jo masters
Added by maxinefan
Jane Danson - Gemma Osbourne
Jane Danson - Gemma Osbourne
Added by eele
dc mickey webb
Added by wenchy3315
Frank burnside
Frank burnside
Added by bigden0072
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