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 No RR. Just no.
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This The Heroes of Olympus seni peminat might contain tom, kucing jantan, kerana, kucing, kucing benar, kucing yang benar, anak kucing, kucing, and kitty.

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Source: I have no idea who drew it but the one who did is nothing short of awesome(taken from Google images)
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 this is Dana just imagine her with a grey streak Ok
this is Dana just imagine her with a grey streak Ok
All the characters ( except my characters) belong to RR

Chappie 1 (this is short)

I was walking along the beach, thinking about Percy, Gods! I was missing him so much, I looked at the last thing me and Percy did together. We wrote our names in the sand, like this:
4 Eva
He rushed the water over the Penulisan and made a 'water barrier' so it was there forever, it was like cement. Seriously, I tried to kick it 8 months ago, because I was angry Percy just disappeared like he did.
My thoughts were interrupted sejak a girl, around 15 years old, bleeding at the hip, stagger up to me...
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Ask no questions, just listen.
The Heroes of Olympus
percy jackson
the Lost hero
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