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This The Heroes of Olympus foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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posted by goddessoflife
I know what you're thinking:
Okay, probably not what you're thinking.
But really, anda want HOO?
Well, I can't give that to you, sadly. I know, if I could, I would.
But, since we're waiting, I'm posting my THIRD peminat fiction here. Well, on the fourms, but, anda know what I mean.
Now, while we're waiting, I'll tunjuk anda a few lines from my seterusnya peminat fiction.

"Best Friends are like bras, always supporting eachother!" -Valary

"Welcome to the church of vegetables, lettuce...
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I am the British Canadian known as Spikegilfer1997, my real name is Alistair George Andrew Donald. I live in Alberta, which is like Montana but colder (Or so I'm told) which is probably true since we had a six bulan winter this year. I have two older sister's, much older then I, other has 4 1/2 years on me and the other 6 1/2. I was born February 5th 1997 (Hence the name) and am currently sixteen (If anda can't count) and have been on Fanpop for almost a tahun now. I am in possession of extremely long hair for a guy, past my shoulders and just off being black. My eyes are bright blue and commonly...
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posted by kkw1700
Hi y'all. Well, I don't know most of you, but to those I do, long time, no see, huh? If anda don't know me, I'm a dedicated member of this club and joined in May last year. I have a fanfic, Magic's Journey, but it is on hiatus until further notice. I have just been very busy for the past tahun to really do anything.

But here I am, just for a few minutes, though.

When we were doing the mythology unit in English (which on the test I was the only one in the grade to get a 100), we had an assignment to write an original myth and present it. I did mine alone, but there was an option to do it in partners....
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