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 Percy Jackson peminat art
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We Cinta our demigods. Love, love, love, fluffy love.
anda probably have at least one anda want to see again. Don't lie to me, I know anda do! I do to. Here are my most likely choices.

1 Annabeth and Percy
Of course we'll be seeing lebih of Percabeth (or Annacy). Newsflash, we've already seen Annabeth (if anda haven't do yourself a favor and go re-read the sample chapters) and since Percy is most likely going to be found, we'll see him too, at least a bit.

2 Thalia and Nico
I honnestly, really like the idea of "all hands on deck" for the children of the Big 3. Who better to find Percy, right?
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 The silver-footed Thetis
The silver-footed Thetis
Oh come on everybody, don't stare at me like that! No, I'm not mad, crazy, insane atau whatever anda are going to ask. I'm serious. Ok, at least wait until anda see what I mean.
Do anda remember in The Lightning Thief, everybody thought Hades was bad? He sent monsters after Percy and everything, but he was NOT the BBG. He only wanted his Helm of Invisibility back! So this is my theory: the mistress is not evil. She only wants something that should belong to her, atau she has been taking Nasihat from a very evil guy (remember King Minos?)
I know what anda are going to say. That has already happened in...
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