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 Nina and Fabian
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*Nina and Ashley are playing on a hayun, swing set in Nina's backyard*
Nina: Whee!

Ashley: Yay!

Mrs. Lunis: Come on, Ashley!

Ashley:*jumps off the swing* Bye cousin!*skips inside the house*
-Flashback Ends-
Ashley:*eyes stop glowing, gasps* You're my cousin! Nina's my cousin!

Fabian: Wow.

Ashley: I think I know how to fix Eddie and Nina.

Fabian: Do it!

Ashley: From the mouth of the gifted, the curse shall be lifted!

Eddie and Nina:*stops screaming and stand up*

Amber: Wow.

Fabian: That's was amazing.

Ashley: Thanks.

Eddie: How did anda know anda could do that?

Ashley: I didn't.

Eddie: Oh.

Ashley: I just said...
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(Dinning room)
Mara: just let her tell us Amber.
Amber: fine.
Victoria: (sigh) watch. (starts to take off disguise reviling she is Piper)
Nina: Piper?!
Piper: yep.
Mick: why are anda here disguising as a different person?
Piper: long story.
Eddie: we're listening.
Piper: (sigh) well-
(King penulis house: Jerome's room)
Anubis: (appears) have anda find it Anew?
Jerome: no. But I think it's behind this door I found. But I need something to get through it. I was hopping you'll know what it is.
Anubis: huh?
(Jerome shows the picture of the engraving on the phone)
ANIBIS: that is an amulet of me.
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Nina: What do anda mean it's not there?

Amber: I mean I don't see it!*stands up* Where did she put it?

Nina: It has to be around here somewhere.

Amber and Nina:*looking around the room for Ashley's book bag*

Amber: Found it!*grabs it from the closet*

Senkhara:*appears in front of Amber*


Nina: Amber!*gasps* Senkhara?!

Senkhara: Hello again, Chosen One.

Nina: How? What?

Senkhara: anda friend is helping me get back so I can get my revenge on anda for sending my to Hell.*to Amber* So now book for you!*holds out her hands, they start glowing*

Amber:*grabs onto her stomach* Ow!

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dinning room)
(all Sibunas but Patricia are Sitting at the meja, jadual when Patricia enters)
Patricia: okay guys. I think we should kick Joy out of Sibuna. Anyone agree?
Amber: me!
Mara: why do anda want Joy to be kicked out?
Patricia: for what she did. To me.
Mick: all because of you?
Patricia: and Nina last term.
Nina: yeah. But I forgave her for it.
Patricia: oh come on. Joy could be bad for the search.
Alfie: Well right now don't we have to find out a way to get Jerome back?
Eddie: and the scales.
Nina: and Fabian.
Patricia: what good Friends anda are. (exits)
Mara: well, any ideas to do any of...
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Amber: I was, um, checking if anda had today's homework.

Ashley: I didn't go to school today.

Amber: Right.

Ashley:*snatches Book of Isis from Amber* Stay out of my bag!*puts book in bag, goes back to sleep*

Amber:*sighs, gets in bed*

-The seterusnya Morning-
*all of Sibuna is in the dining room*
Nina: Now how are we going to get the book?

Jerome: Amber couldn't get it?

Amber: I almost had it, but then she woke up.

Fabian: Why don't we just make her tired, like we did to Victor?

Mara: I like it.

Nina: Good idea, Fabian.

Fabian: We'll do it tonight.

Ashley:*enters dining room, sits sejak Joy, her book bag on her shoulder*...
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The new season of House of Anubis is airing on
Monday January 9! I'm so excited to see it. What
mysteries do anda think they'll uncover? Any
I personally am excited to see the romance
between Nina and Fabian, Amber and Alfie, And
Jerome and Mara. I wonder what Victor has up his sleeve. Is it just me atau does anyone else find it creepy that he talks to a stuffed bird?
I've seen the preveiws and all I know is that Nina has to walk in between swinging blade things. That's it. If anda have pautan for trailers atau sneak peeks atau anything I would really like it if anda sent me a link atau dikomen and told me where to look atau something along the lines of letting me know...
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