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 Nina and Fabian
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i found this video but getting longer this season is getting creppy. check out! if u want to know
house of anubis
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-in the chamber of Sobek-
Nina and Eddie:*awaken*

Nina:*looks around* Where are we and how did we get here?

Eddie:*looks around and sees a picture of Sobek on a wall* I think we're in a chamber. And I don't know how we got here.

Nina: Oh.

*suddenly, water starts filling in the room*

Eddie and Nina: Oh no!

-in the dining room-
Amber: Gone?! What do anda mean gone?

Patricia: They're not in their rooms!

Alfie: anda think Senkhara got to them?


Mara: Where do anda think they are?

Fabian: I don't know, but we have to get to them before Senkhara kills them!

Joy: Right!

-in the chamber of Sobek-
Nina: We...
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-outside of Anubis house-
*a car pulls up in front of Anubis house*

Ashley:*gets out of the car, looks up at Anubis house*

Mr. Lunis:*gets out of the driver seat, goes to the batang to get Ashley's suitcase*

Mrs. Lunis:*gets outs out of the car, stands sejak Ashley*

Ashley: How long will I stay here again?

Mrs. Lunis: Two weeks.


Mr. Lunis:*closes trunk, goes over to Mrs. Lunis and Ashley* Let's go inside.*walks into house, dragging Ashley's suitcase with him*

Mrs. Lunis:*follows her husband*

Ashley: I can't believe I'm actually here.*follows her parents*

-inside the house-
Trudy:*dusting the...
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