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This The House of Anubis kertas dinding might contain tongam resimen and regimentals.

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(Amber's, Nina's and Piper's room)
Fabian: so how can we get the mask now that Senkhara has it?
Eddie: why does she want it anyways?
Nina: I have no idea.
Senkhara: (appears) here anda go. (hands Nina mask of Anubis)
Patricia: why did anda want it?
Senkhara: to give someone life. (disappears)
Piper: what the heck does that mean?
Alfie: maybe she needed the tears of gold.
Nina: wait that could be it.
Alfie: really? I just made that whole thing up.
Nina: what if she gave Victor the tears of emas to give him life.
Amber: why would she do that?
Fabian: to get something she wants. But what?
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There are 8 students in The House of Amubis. This is why I like and dislike them the way I do. First-The Girls!

Firstly, Nina. I like her cuz... her happy nature, and her kind and caring side. She also refuses to be let down sejak Patricia at first, and eventually builds up a relationship with Fabian (Nina and Fabian FTW). I dislike her cuz... well, not meaning to be rude, but why is she always the one who has to unlock all the secrets, and solve ALL the puzzles. I mean, I get that she's the main character and the new girl, but, can't it be like someone else once in a while?

Secondly, Patricia....
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