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I spend the rest of the reaping hari locked in my room, huddled in a ball, trying not to think of Peeta and the painful, dreadful days to come. My mother never tries to talk to me atau intrude on me; she must know how I feel, because she loves Peeta too.
When it's suppertime, all she does is crack my door open and slip the plate of Makanan onto my bedside meja, jadual and run back out. I don't eat much of the ikan atau green beans, just pick microscopic pieces of the Makanan off and play with it, bored.
When the lights go out and noises cease, I whimper softly into my pillow. Could it really have been this afternoon Peeta and I were talking about what would happen? Only this morning did we spend breakfast at his parents' bakery fantasizing about our future. But now it seems there won't be one.
I begin to cry into my bantal and just accept, tiredly, that it will be a long first night, and the seterusnya few weeks will certainly be unbearable.
After midnight, I wake up, sweating and shivering at the same time and paper white. Was today all some nightmare, and just now I've woken up?No, today was real, and losing Peeta just feels like a nightmare.
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The opinions of hunger games fan:

Peeta Side:
I knew Gale liked Katniss from the moment he was introduced. And it was awhile ago, but I'm pretty sure I thought it'd be cute if they got together at first. But the way she was around him, the way she thought of him and spoke to him, it just didn't seem like it was romantic. It seemed like really good friends. But when she was with Peeta, it seemed like she was always fighting with herself not to like him. Where as with Gale she seems to be fighting to like him. I honestly think that if Peeta wasn't in the mix, she still could not end up with Gale....
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Ciuman scene, with Gale watching jealously...
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Rue, the little prankster xD
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amandla stenberg
In this interview, Jennifer talks about her rise to fame, her first time to New York City, and her role in Winter's Bone.
Jennifer Lawrence
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