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Grrrrr posted on Jul 25, 2013 at 02:52AM
OKEY DOKEY everybody. Why don't we start out the day before our characters enter the arena. So assume we already did the chariot rides, and got picked, etc.

1. For your character you have to say what district they are from, what they are good at (in combat), and tell a little bit about their past.
2.No controlling other people's tributes unless they say you can.
3.. Only the person who the tribute belongs to can say when they die, but no living forever

The ARENA: The tributes start off in a black tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is a striking mountain scene. On top of each mountain is a mysterious forest.

District 1 Boy:
District 1 Girl:

District 2 Boy:
District 2 Girl:

District 3 Boy:
District 3 Girl:

District 4 Boy: Charles McCarque
District 4 Girl:

District 5 Boy:
District 5 Girl:

District 6 Boy: Ash Laken
District 6 Girl: Rose Marks

District 7 Boy:
District 7 Girl:

District 8 Boy:
District 8 Girl:

District 9 Boy:
District 9 Girl:

District 10 Boy:
District 10 Girl: Nicole Lenor

District 11 Boy: Finn Meis
District 11 Girl:

District 12 Boy:
District 12 Girl

I'm done talking so......LET'S START
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hampir setahun yang lalu 666demon said…
Thanks. So we're just waiting for someone.?
hampir setahun yang lalu Dovemoon said…
Well actually we're not really waiting, you can start. Mockingjay and I have started the games sooo
hampir setahun yang lalu 666demon said…
Athena looked up to Ares, smiling lightly. She climbed up on the other side near the food and weapons and nodded to Ares. Ares climbed up with her. "Take what only you can carry in your backpack and your hands.." He whispered. Once they got their stuff he looked to the others who were oblivious to him. He looked to the girl from 10, who he got into fights with at the training center about how she didn't want him near Athena. He smirked at her back and ran off with Athena.
hampir setahun yang lalu sunnny946 said…
District One
Name: Cassandra Monique
Looks: Tan and blonde. Light grey eyes inherited from her mother. Wild grey childlike eyes. About 6.2.
Healthy and fit with a grace full manner of walking.
Skills: Fast on her foot. Great with knives. Flirty and sexy looking most of the time she wins men and
gets them to do as she wants (also get sponsors). Can climb trees under 5 seconds. Traps and snares are her specialty. Good with martial arts( hand and hand combat).
Past: Is incredibly wealthy with a mansion. Parent's and child are big supporters of The Capitol. Parent's are in direct contact with President Snow. Never missed a meal. Cassandra has been known to walk on The Capitol Runways. Trained for the Hunger Games all her life.

( so sorry for joining in late)
hampir setahun yang lalu sunnny946 said…
Cassandra hasn't seen any of the other tributes. Her father had warned her about getting way to close to the other tributes.
" They might learn your skills." He had said.
So she was distant from the other tributes. All they knew was someone from District One had been chosen but they had not met her. So most of the day she shouted at an Avox for bringing her the wrong dish since she had changed her mind exactly when the knock came. Today was the day she was going to go on the Arena. A man put a tracker on her and pussed her into a tube that would take her to the Arena.Now was the time to show what she was made of.
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hampir setahun yang lalu 666demon said…
Ares frowned as he saw Cassandra just sitting and wondered why the French toast he agreed to be in an alliance with her. He kept a good grip on Athena's hand. "No." was all he said as he walked straight past her. "Get your own shit." Athena let out a giggle at the swear. "Daddy used to do that all the time." she giggled more. "Mom used to swear up a storm."
hampir setahun yang lalu sunnny946 said…
The tube that Cassandra was in slid opened. She watched as the tube soared back up. The cave was dark and cold with no torches on the walls. She tiptoed forward and made as less noise as possible. She felt around trying to feel anything at all. Something growled from behind her. She hurried forward trying to find the fake holographic sun but then she stopped short. Some voice was coming in front of her. A soft growl and padding footsteps. Was it a tribute or was it a Mutation? Or was it another type of animal unknown to the tributes that The Capitol just made. What type's of genes did they mix this time then? Foot steps and a growl . They were both getting louder. To be continued-
hampir setahun yang lalu A-347 said…
Narissa prepared herself as she tiptoed surreptitiously through the tunnel. She had seen nothing of the Careers in terms of skill or knowledge which made her oblivious to who she'd be dealing with. In reality, the Careers were the only ones she had to watch out for. The other tributes were easy to wipe out; she could most likely pull it off in a heartbeat. Once she was out of the tunnel she lifted her head up. "Time to climb..." muttered the readhead.
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hampir setahun yang lalu missracoon said…
Name: Laney Redflush
District: 12
Appearance: Dark hair and eyes with even darker eyes, she's slightly intimidating looking despite being short for her age.
Pros: Very fast and quick and is also very good with knives.
Cons: Isn't the best at cooperating with others unless she can understand their motives.
Personality: Very standoffish yet looks at people in an unbiased light despite what they do to her. That doesn't necessarily means that she'll sympathies with others.
Back story: She was raised by her older sisters named Janice and Denise, at the age of seven they taught her how to fend for herself. Janice's agility and Denise's power with weapons may have brushed off on Laney.
hampir setahun yang lalu missracoon said…
Laney watched the other tributes from afar whilst calculating what to make of their movements, they haven't noticed her yet.
hampir setahun yang lalu sunnny946 said…
Cassandra didn't know what to do. She had to use her Martial Art's senses but she was sure that Martial Art's wouldn't kill of a Mutation. Then she saw it. Something dark was slithering against the wall that's why she hadn't noticed it before. She walked forward and it lit onto fire. Something told me the fire wouldn't hurt the creature. The fire turned Red. Deep Blood and Red. Then something hit her . She cried out in pain. It wasn't her death wound she knew. She could fix it she knew. But how was she supposed to kill this this...Thing! She looked back and saw what had hit her. A huge black ball with SWORDS sticking out . The black ball was huge she could easily climb on it. The huge black ball came to her way and 1..2...and 3! She grabbed hold of the SWORD handles and hauled herself up. She felt dizzy,since the ball was spinning so fast...---To be continued