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Grrrrr posted on Jul 25, 2013 at 02:52AM
OKEY DOKEY everybody. Why don't we start out the day before our characters enter the arena. So assume we already did the chariot rides, and got picked, etc.

1. For your character you have to say what district they are from, what they are good at (in combat), and tell a little bit about their past.
2.No controlling other people's tributes unless they say you can.
3.. Only the person who the tribute belongs to can say when they die, but no living forever

The ARENA: The tributes start off in a black tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is a striking mountain scene. On top of each mountain is a mysterious forest.

District 1 Boy:
District 1 Girl:

District 2 Boy:
District 2 Girl:

District 3 Boy:
District 3 Girl:

District 4 Boy: Charles McCarque
District 4 Girl:

District 5 Boy:
District 5 Girl:

District 6 Boy: Ash Laken
District 6 Girl: Rose Marks

District 7 Boy:
District 7 Girl:

District 8 Boy:
District 8 Girl:

District 9 Boy:
District 9 Girl:

District 10 Boy:
District 10 Girl: Nicole Lenor

District 11 Boy: Finn Meis
District 11 Girl:

District 12 Boy:
District 12 Girl

I'm done talking so......LET'S START
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