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posted by jamfan4
It is a soalan we've all been wondering for years. Here are the bahagian, atas 10 possible explanations I was thinking of one hari when I was bored:

10.) He has terminal brain cancer.
9.) He's not crazy, it's that Moose-Haired Little Nuisance's fault!
8.) He's inhaled a too much ammonia.
7.) He was born crazy. That's why the best job he could get was as a hospital janitor.
6.) His hard-ass dad abused him as a little kid.
5.) He was dropped on his head as a small child sejak his equally insane parents.
4.) He knocked himself in the head with a knife-wrench.
3.) It's all the alchohol.
2.) He's not insane. It's just fun to pretend.
1.) It's all an act to impress the equally-crazy Blonde Doctor.
Neil Flynn is performing in the Del Close Award for the Advancement of Improvisation presented sejak Charna Halpern with The Family, June 12th at 9 pm at iO West! Tickets are only $25!

Cast: Neil Flynn, Ian Roberts, Pete Hulne, Miles Stroth, Matt Besser, Adam McKay, Charna Halpern

This tahun we are pleased to recognize the legendary improv team The Family. The Family studied extensively with Del Close while at IO in Chicago. Its members continue to be successful actors, writers, improv instructors, theater founders and missionaries of what they learned from Del. The Family was the house team at...
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 He's Playful
He's Playful
no one knows his real name, not even the other characters on Scrubs. He is called The Janitor because that is his job at Sacred hati, tengah-tengah Hospital on Scrubs. The Janitor is interesting because his antics will lead a viewer to believe that he is absolutely insane and yet The Janitor will come up with ingenious ways to torture the character known are J.D.

The Janitor is a well loved character and Televisyen viewers cannot seem to get enough of him. The one episode of Scrubs that was recorded in front of a live audience it was easy to hear how much people loved The Janitor. The audience clapped and...
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