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hei all joker fans! tjek what i found in the news!
sorry the bad translation but i was too lazy to translate it my self so i did it in Google translate ^^;

Heath Ledger in the seterusnya Batman movie
According to unconfirmed rumors to the gone Heath Ledger using unused footage from the latest Batman movie bintang in 'The Dark Knight rises'
Heath Ledger's role as the Joker will be used to create a link between the past and the upcoming Batman movie.

Website ShowbizSpy can reveal that Heath Ledger might not have finished performing in the role of Oscar-winning Joker on the big screen.

According to the site's secret sources will Heath Ledger get a very small cameo in the third Batman movie directed sejak Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale starring as the Caped vigilante hero.

- The idea is to use fragments of deleted scenes and add digital effects to make the Joker can resurrect one last time, "says the sumber ShowbizSpy.

According to the site must Joker revival is seen as a tribute to the gone Heath Ledger, and it will happen with the family's consent.

'The Dark Knight rises' will premiere in summer 2012.
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