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posted by redhawks
Ok, so for everyone here our family pokok goes like this.

Floyd(Odssey), Ally(Party Pony), James, and Me(Katelynne,Redhawks) are brothers and sisters.

Floyd got married to RJ(DoZ). Ally got married to Jason. I got married to Kel.

Floyd and RJ gave birth to Nico.

Ally and Jason gave birth to Tianna.

James is married to a girl name Christien and he had three kids. Blake, Fernando, and Darian.

Kel and I gave birth to PJHero,Tweak, and Hayley.

Jason(Ally's husband)is my kid's god father.

Any soalan please contanct anyone mentioned in this article. This will be updated anytime a change occurs.
posted by daughter-ofzeus
So no one will probably ever see this, but I hope everyone is doing well! I totally had forgotten all about Fanpop and all the sudden Kate (redhawk as I was reminded from going through my peti masuk on here) came up on my Facebook trying to get me to add her as a friend! Not wanting to be awkward, I didn't (so sorry Kate). So then I was all like "I wonder if I can even still get back on fanpop." I tried and so here I am. I laughed at my freshman self, and giggled at our hullabaloo, and of course I remembered my awkward online relationship (its only awkward because I have like a boyfriend and Ive...
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Source: Me (Known as doz, RJ, Firestar)
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