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 Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller, who plays Patrick in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, is a surprising yet appropriate choice. “It's such a beautiful movie, because it expands out to encompass… many different characters. In understanding them, we find these little whispers of a blueprint for how to juggle the fucking nightmare of adolescence.” He berkata and laughed.

It seems that the nineteen tahun old knows what it is to be a troubled teenager. Ezra said, concerning his abdication of High School, that he found that his life outside of school, with his work, was much lebih fulfilling. “There were a million...
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posted by savannakybanana
Fifteen-year-old Charlie is coping with the suicide of his friend, Michael. To lessen the fear and anxiety of starting high school alone, Charlie starts Penulisan letters to a stranger, someone he heard was nice but has never met in person. (Kind of like when we write letters to Paul Rudd before we go to sleep.)

At school, Charlie finds a friend and mentor in his English teacher, Bill. He also overcomes his chronic shyness and approaches a classmate, Patrick, who, along with his step-sister Sam, become two of Charlie's BFFs.

During the course of the school year, Charlie has his first tarikh and his...
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