The Phantom of The Opera Phantom 101 (or, Everything anda Ever Wanted to Know about POTO but Never Got Around to Asking)

Phantomess posted on Sep 30, 2009 at 11:39PM
I know this is an endeavor in useless optimism, but I thought I would place it out there all the same.
The basic point of this forum is the simple enlightenment of phans. If something about the story or the time period it's set in confounds you, just leave a note on here and I will take care of all that tedious research for you. I understand that many of the people in this spot are young and may not have access to the resources required to obtain a full grasp on the subject matter. Phantom can be reduced to a fairly simplistic plot, but there are layers beneath this. You see...Phantom is like an onion. I'm even willing to go over concepts from the 04 movie, if that is what it takes to raise the intelligence level around here. I've recently been considering the possibility that Gerik may suffer from a case of body dismorphic disorder. This is an actual mental condition and can be quite dangerous. It's the kind of thing that drives women to bulimia. If this is the case I can actually kind of get behind Gerik a little bit, because in his mind he probably sees himself as a Living Corpse. I would also be willing to discuss famous cases of what would in modern day be considered pedophilia. I've mentioned Poe before as one. But there are many. The long and the short is that I am willing to extend the olive branch far enough that I will help you to justify the 2004 film, if only you will do so in a well-informed and thought out manner!
*Sits quietly and prays to the Angel of Music that someone will give a damn*
And what kind of a class would this be without homework? I promise you, this one is easy. I want everyone who wishes to participate to make a list of ten things that confuse them about the story or fandom. I will do my best to aid you.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Phantomess said…
Pressing on. (I am determined to enlighten this spot, dammit!)
New assignment, children.
Unfortunately nothing is going to stop LND from happening. But this does open up a very neat little niche for us to delve into! Side shows! Obviously this is going to play a role in the new show, as well as having been mentioned in Erik's backstory through a multitude of versions. So, it seems like a fairly rational place to start. We can begin to learn and understand what it was to be disfigured in the time period in which Phantom and LND are set. Therefore I would like everyone to go onto the wikipedia and look up the following personages: Joseph Merrick, Lionel the Lion Faced Man, Tom Thumb, and P.T. Barnum. The last is not a freak, but he worked with them and is an interesting character in his own right. If anyone wants extra credit go watch Todd Browning's Freaks. It's a public domain film and should not be hard to locate. It's directed by the same guy who did the Bela Lugosi Dracula, so that's kind of cool too! Reading about these historical persons should be very enlightening for most of you. :) And if we want to start a discussion for this assignment I'm all for it. May I suggest the topic as being a debate on whether or not sideshows were generally beneficial or detrimental to handicapped persons, as well as mounting the question of exploitation.