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posted by MercyHedgehog
Name; Rachel link the Hedgehog.
Call-sign/Operational Nickname; Mercy.
Age; 17.
Theme Song; link.
Location; No-where. Roamer.
Parantage; Father; Sonic the Hedgehog. Mother; Unknown. Died during childbirth.
Abilities; Control over water (Ironic, considering she hates it) speed (just as fast, if not, faster than her father) and can use most weapons.
Armed with; Arkansas Toothpick, P-90 Assult Rifle, AK-47, Heckler & Kock G-11, RDX Grenades, Desert Eagle, R-7 Jetpack, Maghook, and a few M-22 Plazma Grenades.
Weapon discription; Arknsas toothpick; A long sword menyeberang, cross Dagger, so sharp if anda leant on...
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posted by shade-hedgehog
"mephlies ,what are anda doing?!" "taking care of your little boyfriend" he berkata with a little evil smrik."hes not my boyfriend!"' "yeah....right" "you know what when i know how to get out of here your dead!" "you can try to run away with shadow but youll die,so i think anda better stay here,and there gun soldiers here if anda live they shoot you" "damn it!,youre soo- " so -what" "evil!" "You just now found out" "mephlies why-why are anda doing this?!" "because your little boyfriend -shadow sealed me in the darkness,i could feel the world,touch it for 4 years do anda know how i feel!" "you were...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Confusion. Pain. Suffering. Tension. Fear. Anxiety. Anger. Worry.

They were familiar emotions to me, never absent. Always, they stalked in the back of my mind, leaving trails of horrendous feelings.

Why were they always there? Why did they walk in my mind, suffocating me of happiness and pleasure? They never left, even when I was truly having a nice time, they would ruin the sunniest of my days.

Was it Dark? Was he back? And if so, how? How did he manage to make a return to this plane of existence? Back into my head where it all began?

I held my face in my claws. I am Mephiles. I was created to...
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posted by shade-hedgehog
this was my real nitemare friday nite me and shadow were outside just looking into each others eyes.that was a good moment between us."Shade,theres something i need to ask ,will you- mehplies out of nowhere just was in between us."Do we really have to do this again" i said."Slience!" mehplies said."youre coming with me!" "o no shes not,choas- but shadow was to slow mehplies grabbed me -strong."Meplies i see youre a lot stronger but that cant save you. i tried to kick mehplies were the sun dont sine -but then he grabed my neck and stragged me."dont touch her"shadow said.shadow tried to puch him to but didnt work-he puched shadow and had him k.o."SH-SH-" thats all i could say before there was this blackness appread.2 HOURS LATER ....I THINK. i could hear voices like "do anda have her,and lets do this"
posted by MephilesTheDark
--Rebecca's home, Eastern Suburbia, Victoria, Australia.

--Shadow form.

I looked curiously down on the human male as he worked in the garage.

It was set out lebih like a lounge than a garage; a T.V, a couch, and a Computer.

I was sitting on the translucent roof, wondering what it was this peson was doing.

He was on a small, red, rectanglular board with wheels, slid under his white Ford, a Ute, holding some kind of metal impliment in his right hand.

Rebecca had told me of this man; his name was Nick, and he amounted to her adoptive brother. She had berkata he was a real laugh to be with, and very nice....
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posted by LuciferTheDark
Lucifer the Dark

Nickname: Luck.
Species; Genetically altered Mobian African pygmy hedgehog-demon.
Name deprived from; link, god of hell, demon, Satan, devil, light-bearer, morning star, fallen angel.
Age: Unknown, ageless. Probably about 27 in the current timeline.

Theme Song: link

Lucifer was created as a back-up for the link, in case the original failed. In a way, anda could say that this made Lucifer and Solaris ‘cousins’. Nicknamed ‘Project Lucifer’ after the after Satan, because of the Scientist’s unwillingness to work on two experiments at once. What the scientist’s didn’t count...
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posted by BeccaDaHedgehog
70 ways to annoy Mephiles
1. Follow him around everywhere saying ‘Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Meeeeeeephyyyyyyy?’
2. Act like Charmey Bee.
3. Tell Blaze that he killed Silver. He will be roti bakar within the seterusnya five minutes.
4. Call him Mephy-Boy.
5. If anda see him plotting to destroy the world, waggle your finger at him and say ‘That’s not very nice, Mephiles.’
6. Hit him on the… erm… make-believe nose if he says something evil.
7. Get ‘His World’ stuck in his head.
8. Get ‘Dreams of an Absolution’ stuck in his head.
9. Get ‘All hail Shadow’ stuck in his head.
10. Tell Sonic that...
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posted by LuciferTheDark

Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized sejak an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct, masked sejak an ability to appear outwardly normal. Neither psychopathy, nor the similar concept of sociopathy, are nowadays defined in international diagnostic manuals, which instead describe a category of antisocial/dissocial personality disorder. However, researcher Robert Hare, whose arnab Psychopathy Checklist is widely used, describes psychopaths as "intraspecies predators" as does R.I. Simon. Elsewhere arnab and others write that psychopaths "use charisma, manipulation,...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
I dragged my claw across my wrist, very lightly, as to not puncture the fragile sertai between living crystal and flesh.

I stared down at my weak spot, knowing I could very easily kill myself sejak cutting through the bulu and skin, slashing the veins, and bleed to death.

But... If that was my weak spot, why was I toying with it in a similar manner to what a cat does a tetikus before pouncing? And, lebih impotantly, why did I get the urge to "pounce", sejak wich I meaned slashing myself?

Confusion swept through me as I sat crosslegged up a pokok as my best friend, Rebecca, furiously smashed a Bola sepak ball against...
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posted by CrescentVampire
As the life faded from her, I knew I was responsible for her death. Her zamrud, emerald eyes stared into mine, in shock, betrayal.

She was a pale yellow hedgehog, quills sejak the side of her perfect face. She wore a white dress, a wedding dress.

I, myself, wore a black suit. She was to be my wife, untill it had all gone terribly wrong.

I should never have disobeyed Master, I should never have rebeled against my creator, Lopec.

My wife-to-be, Brissa, had walked down the isle; my angel, coming to light my darkness. The isle now splattered in her blood.

Then he had come, Lopec.

"Crescent..." he had hissed. "You...
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posted by BeccaDaHedgehog
Full Name; Rebecca Joi "Scorch" Arms The Hedgehog.
Age; 14.
Lives with; Mephiles, Robo-Knuckles, and Crescent the Vampire Hedgehog.

Country; Australia.
Food; Chili Dogs.
Movie; Avatar 3D.
T.V Show; The Simpsons.
Music; Crush 40, Owl City, Zebrahead, labah-labah Stacey, Dizzie Rascal, The Senile Delinquents, The Creaky Joints, Prann, Midnight Oil, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso, P!NK, and her own band.
Video Game; Sonic Unleashed, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, and Grand Theft Auto IV.
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posted by MephilesTheDark
My hati, tengah-tengah was thumping hard in my chest, my breath all I could hear in the darkness. The fear of the hunted lay down upon my shoulders, adrenaline the only thing keeping me from falling to my knees.

I was exhausted. The enemy was not far behind... I pushed myself faster, knowing it was hopeless. he would catch me.

If I weren't so preoccupied with my flee, I would have shuddered at the thouht of those venomous green, reptile-like eyes, the blood-red sclera accenting the image of fear.

My legs felt like lead, my arms were heavy, my breath coming in raggid gasps as I tried futiley to get away from...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Full Name; Dark The Demon.
Age; 10.
Lives with; Where ever Mephiles goes.
Country; Unknown.
Food; Unknown.
Movie; Unknown.
T.V. Show; Unknown.
Music; Bloodcurdling screams...
Video Game; Unknown.
Sport; Unknown.
Bffs; None.
Enimies; Mephiles, Sonic, Rebecca, Robo-Knuckles, Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, and Crescent.
Rivals; None.
Instrament; None.
Likes; Destruction, death, and chaos.
Dislikes; Others.
Personality; Cold hearted, emotionless, cruel, ungiving, and keseluruhan evil.

How I discovered him...

Rebecca's home---

I sat with Rebecca, Manic, and Robo-Knuckles, on a sofa, kerusi panjang watching T.V.

Crescent would have been with...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Defeated. Again.

I melted into my shadow form; a black puddle-like substance, as my defeator, Shadow, stepped over me, holding out The Sceptre of Darkness. I refused to be trapped in that again!

He stood with it out in front of him, and held it up. The cursed object floated in the air above his head, his arms outsteached.

In this melted form, I was pulled towards it, until I was contained. Only for a few seconds, however, as I destroyed it, fear the only thing I felt. I was never going to be held prisoner it that thing again.

The bat girl gasped in horror as the Sceptre shattered, "It's destroyed!"...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Cold and dark, a place where shadows thrived. Much of my time had been spent in the shallow recesses of my mind, a meaningless black hole of confusion and destruction, ripped apart sejak my violent memories.

I am Mephiles the Dark, shade and intelligence of Solaris, the eternal sun god, a creature with the power to travel through time. The other half is Brother, known as Iblis, the raw power of our being. Brother is a monster made of living flames, a heartless creature with destructive intents.

We became separate entities when an Energy engine failed during our creation, splitting us into two...
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Mephile's P.O.V

I finally got friends, I've equality now but why do I feel like trying suicide? I've everything I ever wanted, have Friends who like me just the way i am. I ask to nobody, "What is missing in my life?" Sonic came out of nowhere and said, "Maybe anda need a girlfriend, but I won't let anda live long enough to find that person." I state, "Sonic I have reformed." Sonic says, "As if I would fall for that. anda killed me anda killed thousands of innocent people, anda tried to destroy the world, that kind of bad guy would never reform!!!" I growl, "Shut it!!! anda don't know anything, you...
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posted by Ocean_Hedgehog
Ocean the Hedgehog

Age; 14.
Gender; Male.
Species; Hedgehog.

Ocean is a young Mobian Hedgehog who is berkata to have a legendary bloodline. His parents were Anna and Cody the Hedgehogs, Anna being Shadow's daughter and Cody being Sonic's son. This makes Ocean the first pure crossover from both Shadow and Sonic's bloodlines, resulting in his incredible powers.


Ocean is immature. Enough said.

He loves video games, although he isn't very good at them despite his constant efforts.

He is happy, confident, and, to an extent, hyperactive. Coffee + Ocean = Bad mix. He will be bouncing off the walls...
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The jalan was busy, filled with cars. I grinned. This was the place.

A carton of susu in hand, so aged that it was not lumpy, but a lump, and the outside was faded past recognition. (See link for further details on the Lump of Milk)

I looked at the busy road; a two-way street, bustling with activity.

I waited till there was no incoming traffic, then hurried out and put the carton just near the dotted line, then quickly retreated back to the safety of the Bus Stop.

Sure enough, lebih traffic came, and I concentrated on the susu carton, praying this would work.

There it was, the milky lump, on a busy...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
This was it. The time. The ultimate challenge.

I quaked in fear as I looked into the depths of the enemy.

The Fridge.

I stared in horror at the Makanan stuffs that had been gathered there. Macaroni, bacon, lettice, cheese, all in there together, an army of mass destruction.

I gulped in some fresh air, and the contest began.

For here, the Fridge was cleaned rarely, perhaps once a every three decades, maybe less. The contest was a war between everyone who lived here; Annie, Nick, David, Rebecca, Crescent, Robo-Knuckles and myself. Also compeating was Manic. The victor was the one who found the oldest...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
A pair of unblinking, venomous green eyes peeked around the corner of the Family Room and the Corridor.

Seeing the coast was clear, Mephiles slipped around, silent as a shadow, untill he walked up to a door on the right; it was white, and made so as anda pushed it, it would become literally half it's regular size.

The teal streaked hedgehog stood seterusnya to the door, not opening it. Instead, he pushed his ear to it, and tried to catch some of the conversation that was going on inside.

"... I'm sure he's fine." berkata one voice. Mephiles recognized it immediatly as the she-hedgehog who had saved him...
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