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posted by MephilesTheDark
I sat in a sparse amount of bush, nearby suburbia. I never ventured far on my walks, as I did not know my way around the Australian belukar, bush very well.

I was on a small rock, idly staring off into space.

I am Mephiles the Hedgehog, ex entity of darkness, and now an Australian Resident, living in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

My best Friends are Rebecca the Hedgehog, a.k.a "Scorch"; a hyperactive, fun-loving girl who could control fire, pull chainsaws out of nowhere, and run at supersonic speeds.

Then there's Crescent, the always-serious vampire hedgehog who hunts at night, and can heal...
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posted by BeccaDaHedgehog
Full name; Crescent The Vampire Hedgehog.
Age; 428.
Lives with; Rebecca, Mephiles, and Robo-Knuckles.

Country; Australia.
Food; Blood.
Movie; None.
T.V Show; None.
Music; Crush 40, Linken Park, Evanescence, Disturbed, and Bad Religeon.
Video Game; Shadow The Hedgehog.
Sport; None.
Bffs (Known in person); Rebecca The Hedgehog, Manic The Hedgehog, Mephiles,and Robo-Knuckles.
Enimies; Dark The Demon, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Scourge The Hedgehog, Rosy The Rascal, Ix The Echidna, and any other villains.
Rivals; Just about everyone.
Instrament; Piano.
Likes; Friends, Music, Playing Games, Blood, and Meeting new people.
Dislikes; Evil, and people talking badly about vampires.
Around new people; Doesn't talk much.
Around friends; Hates talking unless he makes a point, jawapan only when spoken to, always suspicius of anyone, and a bit of a loner.

Abilities; Super speed, strength, and ajility. Blood makes him stronger.
posted by MephilesTheDark
Full name; Mephiles The Hedgehog.
Age; 10
Lives with; Rebecca The Hedgehog, Robo-Knuckles, and Crescent The Vampire Hedgehog.
Country; Australia.
Food; Chili Dogs
Movie; Avatar
T.V Show; The Simpsons.
Music; Crush 40, Linken Park, Evanescence, and Black Eyed Peas.
Video Game; Sonic And The Black Knight.
Sport; Soccer. (Blame Rebecca)
Bffs (Known in person); Rebecca The Hedgehog, Manic The Hedgehog, Disco The Hedgehog, Crescent The Vampire Hedgehog,and Robo-Knuckles.
Friends found on Fanpop; Chaoscontroll, Thirddevision, and Shadowrednblack. (Sorry if I missed you!)
Enimies; Dark The Demon, Dr. Ivo...
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i didnt make it but its funny!
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