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Drabble about Damon's thoughts at Alaric's party (The Struggle). This is my first drabble. I wrote for the 200 peminat-peminat celebration in D&B spot. I hope anda like!

I was at the party to piss off my little brother.
Stefan wanted to fight me off, but Elena wouldn’t let.
They left.
Then I saw her.
That flirty redheaded I had saved at the library.
Bonnie. Her last name was Scottish atau Irish. I couldn’t remember.
But I could remember her sweet voice, her childish braveness and her delicate neck.
"And have anda ever heard that Ciuman a red-haired girl cures fever blisters?" I berkata in a low ironical voice.
And then I heard her outrageous, flattered laughter.
I want to Ciuman her, I thought.
Then I kissed her.
This story happens after Nightfall. It includes spoilers, some violence and some sensuality. Not suitable for readers under thirteen years.


Bonnie was resting in Damon’s arms. It was such peaceful place… Every time she was with that monster, she would feel impossibly safe. How could that be?
Bonnie didn’t have the answer, but she would stay there forever anyway.
“Are anda hungry atau thirsty, baby bird? I know anda need to feed lebih often then I do.” Damon asked breaking the silence while stroking her hair.
Her stomach was already complaining about the lack of food, Damon had probably heard....
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