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Katherine was lying lazy on the bed, looking bored at the ceiling. She would kill Klaus for taking her bracelet. Correction, she would let Damon kill him. She was really strong, but yet no match for the Originals. Not that Damon was, but if she had to choose, she believed her afterlife to be lebih worthy than Damon’s. “Geez, hurry up” she mumbled frustrated. Being locked up in this room was getting on her nerves. There was nothing interesting in here and anda could only examine Damon’s rubbish so many times. After a while it’s not fun anymore. The door went open and Katherine got up. Finally, she thought. Damon and Elena walked in, looking both bedraggled, which made Katherine immediately suspicious. “What have anda two been doing?” she asked slowly. Damon and Elena shared a look. “It’s not what anda think” Damon said, with a nearly unnoticed undertone of disappointment. “The car broke down and it’s storming outside, but I bet you’ve heard the rain” he explained. “And anda ran through the rain?” Katherine asked contemptuously. “Something like that” Damon replied. Right after Bonnie had cast the spell the sky had perpecahan, berpecah open and it started raining. Bonnie had suggested to let Elena shelter in her house; Damon would have to go utama alone and Bonnie would give Elena a lift to her house. Damon had walked away already, because he believed Elena would accept Bonnie’s offer. But when he tried to start the car he saw Elena in front of the car. He let the window down. “Do anda have a death wish atau something? Get out of the way!” he yelled. Elena walked to the passenger’s side and got in. “I’m coming with you” she said. “Really?” Damon asked suspicious. “Damon, I ran through the rain. I’m soaked. Don’t go soalan my honesty now” Elena said. “Okay, I just… I assumed you’d stay with your friend” Damon berkata still surprised. “You assumed wrong” Elena berkata calm. Damon focused on the car again, with no success. “I can’t get him started” he berkata annoyed. “Yeah” Elena berkata pointing at the gas meter. “You forgot to gas” Damon looked and groaned. “God, talking about cliché. Okay, we’ve got two options. We stay here until it stops raining, which could take hours. atau we run” Elena stared at the rain. She knew what she wanted, but that didn’t make it the best option. She sighed and looked at Damon. “We can’t let Katherine wait any longer than she has to” Damon nodded and took the car key before getting out. He opened Elena’s door and helped her out. He threw her arm around his shoulder and lifted her in his arms. “Ready? Hold on, here we go” And they raced away.
“Here’s the necklace” Damon berkata and he threw the kalung to Katherine. She caught it. “You’re not going to tell me what happened, are you?” she said.
Damon and Elena shared another look. “Nope” Damon said.
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1. Saved her from the car accident
2. Damon danced with Elena so she wouldn't be embarrassed
3. Damon warned Isabel to leave atau he will kill her
4. Damon went with to Isabel's work place to help her find about Katherine's past, and learn lebih about what's she's planning.
5. Damon saved her life sejak blocking the arrow.
6. Damon torched mason to get as information as he can to protect Elena
7. Damon tried to kill Katherine
8. Damon sealed Katherine in the tomb
9. Damon "killed" Elijah and saved Elena
10. Damon went with rose to find out lebih about how to stop the sacrifice
11. Damon went to get Elena back...
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