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Veronica dragged Jeremy downstairs and threw him on the cold floor of a basement. Jeremy screamed and held his leg. As he tried to pull the Arrow out, Veronica started pacing up and down.
“You lied to me” she muttered agitated, with a feral look in her eyes. “I asked anda straightforward if anda were a medium and anda lied to me in my face” She walked to Jeremy and looked down on him. “How long has your aunt been spying on me? What does she know?” Jeremy didn’t answer and thus she kicked his wounded leg. Veronica raised her voice above Jeremy’s cries. “How long?” she repeated furious.
Jeremy swallowed and sobbed. “Since our meeting” he confessed weakly. “Please” he begged as he looked up. “You have to take me to a hospital. anda berkata anda wouldn’t harm any humans”
“You can talk to dead people, Jeremy!” Veronica spit. “There’s nothing human about that”
“I can summon Kelsey for you” Jeremy appealed. “Maybe if anda could talk to her, anda would see things clearer”
“How do anda know about Kelsey?” Veronica snapped defensive.
“She helped me once” Jeremy replied vague. “But I know she was your best friend and it must’ve hurt like hell when anda found out she was murdered”
“I haven’t seen Kelsey in years” Veronica dikomen bitter. “Last few years we merely called and wrote each other, but Kelsey traveled a lot and when I would ask her if I could sertai her, she berkata that were impossible”
Veronica was so deep down in her own thoughts that she didn’t see Jeremy break the arrow. The fact that he cried from pain seemed only natural to her. When he held the pointy part of the Arrow in his hand he crawled towards Veronica.
“I need to find those letters” Veronica mumbled while Jeremy scribbled up. He lifted the Arrow when Veronica turned around. She grabbed his arm and tried to keep the Arrow to a distance, but Jeremy kicked her in the stomach with his healthy leg. Veronica gasped and let go. Jeremy stabbed her in her side and she fell on her knees. Jeremy hurried to the stairs as fast as his injured leg allowed him.
He opened the door and closed it behind him, turning the key.
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We skip to S2, Stefan is fully aware that Damon is in Cinta with Elena, so he saw it as an opportunity, Damon can be in Elena’s life and be her friend and save and protect her life as long as he doesn’t act on his feelings, and as long as Damon keeps his destines from Elena while saving/protecting her life then it was fine with him (we see this in 2x08 in the car scene Damon tells Stefan that he can get out as easily as he went in and Stefan respond “no anda can’t that’s the BEAUITY of it”) he used and still uses Damon’s Cinta for Elena instead of trying to make easier for him (selfish...
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