The Vampire Diaries TV tunjuk Which line from "Whole Lotta History" best Suits Katherine/Stefan/Elena?

Pick one:
I can't talk, I've got the wrong way, looking up what's falling down
I can't talk, I've gone back the wrong way
What is the use in what I say?
I hear myself complain so I can do it again, do it again
I give myself the blame so I get back up again, get out of the rain
Baby, I miss you, so tell me, is she really that beautiful?
Each time she's kissed you, tell me, is it really that good for you?
Does she Cinta anda like I never could?
Hold anda tender tell anda everything's good?
Would she hurt you? 'Cause I never could
Does she hold your body tight all night long, baby?
I'm talking about a whole lotta history
I can't find a way to tunjuk anda what anda mean to me
I've fallen all around when anda miss me
I don't know what to do so tell me, baby
Hello, did anda call me? I thought it didn't matter that you're gone
I know, end of story, there's nothing but a shadow where my hati, tengah-tengah shone
I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't
anda cost me so much love, yeah, so finally I just decided to go
I know I've had enough, so tell me that you're not alone
And it keeps spinning, and controls what happens to Monday
And it might sound crazy but your voice still leaves me all funky
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