The Vampire Diaries TV tunjuk Your kegemaran Scene/Part in "Let Her Go"? (6.15)

Pick one:
Caroline & Liz flashback. "What if anda die and i'm still here?"
Damon&Caroline "The worst days? That's seterusnya week when there's nothing but quiet."
Damon & Stefan flashbacks to the hari their mother died.
Kai seeks Jo for help & they agree to take all of her power.
Damon & Elena while he was trying to write the eulogy for Liz.
Alaric proposes to Jo after learning that she is pregnant.
Stefan & Caroline "We'll talk when all of this is over."
Liz's funeral (including Damon's speech & Caroline's song.)
Matt's training to be a cop and suggests Tyler to be a cop too.
Bonnie's adventure in 1994 and the travel time in 1903 till she is saved.
Damon&Stefan "All Cinta isn't true Cinta but it could turn into something better."
Elena & Caroline "My mom is dead. It hurts so bad, i can't breathe."
Damon & Bonnie welcome back hug and the cliffanger with Salvatore's mother.
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