The Vampire Diaries TV tunjuk SEASON 1: The best Berlakon performance sejak Ian Somerhalder (as Damon Salvatore) was during which episode?

Pick one:
Pilot (1x01)
The Night Of The Comet (1x02)
Friday Night Bites (1x03)
Family Ties (1x04)
You're Undead To Me (1x05)
Lost Girls (1x06)
Haunted (1x07)
162 Candles (1x08)
History Repeating (1x09)
The Turning Point (1x10)
Bloodlines (1x11)
Unpleasantville (1x12)
Children Of The Damned (1x13)
Fool Me Once (1x14)
A Few Good Men (1x15)
There Goes The Neighborhood (1x16)
Let The Right One In (1x17)
Under Control (1x18)
Miss Mystic Falls (1x19)
Blood Brothers (1x20)
Isobel (1x21)
Founder's hari (1x22)
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