The Vampire Diaries TV tunjuk My faves from 3.02 "The Hybrid". Yours?

Pick one:
Why didn't anda tell me?/Happy birthday Elena.Stefan killed Andie. Cake?
We can maybe just skip the chit-chat, it'd be great/So much brooding..
My name is Klaus/You're the hybrid/You've heard of me, fantastic.
Oh, and Caroline? She's not a prostitute.
Shirtless Matt!
Tyler & Elena scene - I figured I owe anda one
Yeah, I meant like Frozen dinners and SATs
Excellent timing, Ray. Very dramatic.
Boy scout / vampire slayer / whiskey drinking all around Lost cause
Damon pushes Elena into the water
Unless anda want to relive that whole deathbed Ciuman thing/I berkata I promise
Stefan hears and sees Elena, Damon & Alaric
Tyler confronts Carol about Caroline - anda don't know about me, do you?
Does the pipe count?
Here, doggy doggy
Tyler forces Carol to see him transform
Stefan saves Damon
I'll give u 10 seconds,9, 8- hei Ric, do anda happen to see where I parked my car?
Vicki says she can come back, Anna tells Jeremy not to trust her
It appears you're the only comrade I have left
Delena scene - I want anda to remember the things anda felt while he was gone
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