The Vampire Diaries TV tunjuk Saddest Moment?

Pick one:
Jenna Dies
John Dies to save Elena
Jennas Funeral and Johns Letter
Caroline make her mom forget that she is a vampire
Damon locks Katherine in the tomb
Isobel tells Alaric how she feels before erasing his memory
Rose Dies
Damon admits that he misses being human
Bonnie finds Grams dead in katil
Elena tells damon that she will always Cinta Stefan and Damon kills Jeremy
Elena hugs Damon when he finds out that Katherine isn't in the tomb
Katherine finds her family dead and cries when she is looking at the pitcure
Caroline says goodbye to her father 3x13
2x06 Stefan and Elena break up
Anna dies
Damon tells Elena he loves her then compels her to forget
Stefan tries to kill Elena and the anda had me scene
Damon and Elena anda have Lost me forever
3x01 Stefan calls Elena
2x22 All Damon and elena scens
1x07 Vickis death, Jeremy and Elena after Vickis death
Katherine comes back and tells Damon that she never loves him
Bonnie dies
Stefan kills Andie
Elena dies
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