The Vampire Diaries TV tunjuk Wich line of "Stranger" sejak Thriving Ivory fits Damons relationship with Katherine & Elena more? (2)

Pick one:
anda said, &# 39; Do not fall so hard&# 39;
anda said, 'Do not fall so hard'
I try, I&# 39; m on my knees I&# 39; m beggin&# 39; for someone...
I try, I'm on my knees I'm beggin' for someone just like me
I berkata I don&# 39; t get no sleep
I berkata I don't get no sleep
Can&# 39; t stop &# 39; til I get her off my mind
Can't stop 'til I get her off my mind
 Katherine-P posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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