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posted by Logan27
Well, since all my DELENA fantasies are coming to pass, I am starting to fixate a little lebih on KLAROLINE. This is set in episode 4x07 during the Miss Mistic Falls competition.

"Life use to be a lot easier" Klaus mused. "Don't anda miss the days of being," he opened a tri-folded piece of paper, "'Chair of the Mistic Falls beautification committee and the director of-"
Caroline's eyes widened. "Is that my Miss Mistic application?! Where did anda get that?!" She grabbed for the sheet but failed as Klaus continued.
"'When I am chosen, I entend to redefine excellence'. Now I'm really enjoying your...
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Damon looked up at Bonnie, agitated and feeling betrayed. “What are anda doing? You’re supposed to help me. anda just came back to finish what anda started, didn’t you?” he said.
“No, Damon” Bonnie berkata calm. “I am helping you”
“By putting me back here? How is that going to do any good?” Damon asked.
“I didn’t put anda back in here” Bonnie berkata cryptic. “You never left. Physically, sure. But deep down you’re still here and anda want to know why?”
“Please, yes, the curiosity is killing me” Damon replied sarcastically.
“Deep down anda think anda deserve this” Bonnie...
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Bonnie and Damon were in the living room of the Boarding House. Bonnie was placing white candles in a triangle. As she lit each of them she mumbled Latin words. When she was done, she blew out the match and looked at Damon.
“So, here’s what we’re going to do” Bonnie said. “You have to step into the segitiga, segi tiga and sit down”
“And what are anda going to do?” Damon asked, quite insecure.
“I’m going to stay outside the triangle” Bonnie answered. “I will put anda under some sort of hypnosis. I will be with anda in your subconscious”
“Very reassuring” Damon berkata sarcastic.
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The Hospital
The door of the examination room slammed open and doctor Fell looked up. “Would anda mind waiting outside, please?”she berkata annoyed.
Tyler ignored her and walked straight to the bed.
“How are anda feeling?” he asked worried.
“I’m okay” Veronica said. “Doctor Fell gave me a miracle drug. I’m as good as new”
Meredith shot her a warning glance.
“How did anda know where I was?” Veronica wondered.
“Rachel told me” Tyler explained. “She told me Rebekah attacked you”
Veronica shook her head. “Actually it was Stefan” she said.
“Why would Stefan want to hurt you?” Tyler asked skeptic. “He doesn’t even know you”
“Neither does Rebekah” Veronica shrugged. “They know. They know that we’re going to try and take them down. We’re going to have to alih fast”
“No, what anda need to do is stay away from Rebekah” Tyler said. “I mean it, Ronnie, she’s dangerous”
“So am I” Veronica berkata sharp.
The door of the Boarding House opened and Damon rushed downstairs. He had expected Katherine atau Stefan, hoped for Elena, but neither of those three were standing in the doorway.
Bonnie raised her hand. “Before anda get all hostile on me, let me explain”
Damon took a step back.
“As I’ve told anda I know when I’m part of a conversation” Bonnie started. “Last night anda and Elena had a fight, because you’re having trouble dealing with your issues. anda and I both know most of that is on me”
Damon sighed annoyed. “Will anda cut to the chase, please?”
“I want to help you” Bonnie...
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The seterusnya morning.
A buzzing sound, coming from Caroline’s pedestal cupboard woke her up and she opened her eyes. She took her phone and opened it. She had received a message from an unknown person.
“I know what anda are and we will destroy you” she read aloud. She swung her legs off the katil and searched for her ring. When she had found it she put it on and walked to the window. She shoved the curtain and stared outside.
The sky was grey. It seemed like it was going to rain.
Caroline opened the window and climbed over the edge.
“Game on, bitch” she mumbled, before she jumped and landed gracefully on the pavers.
Stefan and Katherine glared at each other, not sure what to do now, but Damon made it easy for them.
“Get out” he berkata trembling.
“Damon, I didn’t know” Katherine started. “I swear I didn’t know”
“Just go away, Katherine” Damon said. “You, too, Stefan” he berkata without looking at his brother.
Stefan vowed his hands and made a step towards Damon. “I really thought anda knew. And I really didn’t mean to let it happen. All I know is that Rebekah gave her blood to Elena and that I couldn’t interfere. If I could’ve, I would’ve, anda know that” he pleaded.
Katherine looked...
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Bonnie closed her suitcase and lifted it from the ground. She carried it, but it was really heavy. She needed Caroline for this. After all she would need a place to stay when she left the clinic. Which was today. She had signed her release.
“Are anda going somewhere?” a male voice asked. Bonnie waited for Keith to catch up with her. Maybe he could carry her suitcase for her. And indeed, as soon as he was standing seterusnya to her he said: “Here, let me do that”
He took the suitcase out of her hands and released Bonnie from her burden.
“So, are anda leaving?” he asked.
“Yeah, I feel a lot...
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Elena opened the door of the Boarding House. As she passed the living room she saw Damon sitting in the couch, his back to her. She wanted to sneak away, but…
“Elena! Get your keldai in here now!” Damon said. He sounded furious and so Elena rushed to him. She looked at him and startled. She had never seen him this angry.
“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” she asked careful. Damon looked at Stefan, who came out of the study room.
“I’m sorry, Elena. I thought he knew” he berkata sad.
“Knew what? What is going on?” Elena exclaimed.
“Will anda stop playing dumb?” Damon berkata angry...
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Caroline was walking on the parking lot of the school. Her conversation with Matt had lasted longer than either of them had expected. She recognized Tyler’s voice, but didn’t bother to turn around. When she reached her car and opened the door Tyler rushed to her and slammed the door.
“Tyler!” Caroline exclaimed reproaching.
“I’m sorry” Tyler said. He took a deep breath. “I saw anda talking to Matt” he started.
Caroline quickly turned around. “Oh no. No, no, no, no. anda do not get to play jealous boyfriend. anda had your shot, anda blew it. Now anda can go back to...
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“Where’s Barbie?” Katherine asked when Stefan was standing on the front porch of the Boarding House. She had gotten used to the sight of him with Rebekah.
“She’s out, doing something” Stefan explained vague. “Can I come in?”
Katherine shrugged and let him pass. Stefan turned around. “I’m looking for Elena. Is she here?”
“No, she’s at school. anda should know that” Katherine berkata uninterested.
“Not anymore she isn’t” Stefan said. “School’s over”
“Then she’s probably at the Grill” Katherine said, a little annoyed. “What do anda need her for anyway?”
“I want to apologize for what happened last time she came over” Stefan said. “And I want to make sure she’s okay. I mean, I know Rebekah’s blood already left her system sejak now, but still, it must have freaked her out”
He looked at Katherine who stared at some point behind Stefan. Stefan quickly turned around and saw Damon standing in the doorway.
School was over and Elena was walking outside sejak herself. Caroline and Matt were talking, while Tyler was watching them from afar. As soon as Elena was out of school area someone grabbed her arm and pulled her along.
“Hey!” she exclaimed when she saw Derek. “What are anda doing?”
“I need to tunjuk anda something” Derek berkata excited. Without awaiting Elena’s approval he dragged her along until they were standing in front of an old building.
“What is this?” Elena asked. “Did Damon put anda up to this?”
Derek shook his head. “He doesn’t know” He opened the door carefully...
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Alaric had invited Elena’s doctor into his house and gave her a cup of tea, though she could use something stronger.
“I’ve never seen anything like that” she berkata trembling.
Jenna, invisible to both Alaric and the doctor, was sitting on the dresser and rolled her eyes.
“What did the ghost look like?” Ric asked.
“Dark blonde hair, green eyes. She looked pretty” the doctor said.
Jenna smirked.
The doctor noticed a picture.
“Wait, can I see that picture?” she asked. Ric gave her a picture with Elena, Jeremy and Jenna. The doctor pointed at Jenna. “That’s her. That’s the...
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Damon poured himself a glass of bourbon and drank it out. He spit it out.
“Yeah, I put vervain in all your drinks” a familiar voice said. Damon turned around and saw Katherine standing in the doorway of the living room. “I told anda anda had to drink vervain again. I thought Elena would’ve convinced anda sejak now”
Damon looked away.
“That’s right. Trouble in paradise” Katherine said. “If I were anda I’d try really hard to make things okay. We don’t want her to run back to Stefan, do we?”
Damon looked up angry. “She wouldn’t do that. Elena isn’t like that. I just…need to...
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Elena’s doctor was driving on the road. There was not many traffic, so she’d be at work fast. Then she’d have some time to do some paperwork.
The radio was playing lame music, so she looked for a CD. While she put Switchfoot in the CD-player, she had her eyes off the road for two seconds. When she looked up again she screamed.
There was a woman standing in the middle of the road. She had long, dark blonde hair, green eyes and she looked rather pale.
The doctor braked and her car made a few turns before it stood still. Before she got out she needed to get her hati, tengah-tengah beat under control.
Her door opened and a familiar man appeared.
“Are anda all right?” Alaric asked concerned.
The doctor nodded heavy, breathing fast.
“What happened?” Alaric asked.
She looked at Alaric, thinking he’d think she’s crazy.
“I thought I saw a ghost” she berkata quickly as if it wouldn’t sound so insane if she berkata it fast.
Someone banged the door and Rachel jumped up. She ran to the door and opened it. Ronnie was standing in front of her, covered in blood and crying.
“Can I please come in?” she asked careful.
“Yeah, of course” Rachel berkata and she stepped aside. She closed the door. “What happened? Who did this to you?”
Ronnie wiped her eyes. “Stefan Salvatore and a vampire named Rebekah. They held me in their basement and tortured me. They couldn’t eat me, because there’s vervain in my blood, but they sliced and cut in me”
“I’ll take anda to the hospital” Rachel berkata and she grabbed her...
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One bulan later.
Damon was making breakfast when Elena came into the kitchen.
“Morning” she mumbled. Ever since Rebekah had forced her to drink blood she had been very distant towards Damon. This was his fault. If he hadn’t been so damn stubborn she wouldn’t have had to go help Stefan and she wouldn’t have been in that position. What if Rebekah had killed her? Then Elena would be a vampire now, all because of Damon’s brother issues.
“So, eh, what are your plans today?” Damon asked, trying to be casual. He knew he had a lot to make up for.
Elena shrugged. “Going to school, obviously....
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Elena was standing in front of Alaric’s loft. atau should she say Stefan’s? Doesn’t matter. She was at the place where Stefan and Rebekah were hooking up, maybe even having a threesome with Katherine, and she was about to end. Before she knocked she thought about how she would convince Stefan about Rebekah’s true colors. On her way here she had come up with a few ideas.
She could just drag him out of the house, abduct him. Because human girls are so much stronger than vampires.
She could just tell him the truth. “Sorry, Stefan, but your girlfriend is a lying jalang, perempuan jalang who’s using you...
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Elena was leaning against the door trying to hear what was being berkata when Damon pushed the door open. Elena rubbed her temple and looked angry at Damon.
He frowned, then got the picture. “Sorry” he mumbled.
“Where’s Kat?” Elena informed.
“Gone” Damon berkata short. “She won’t bother to come here…ever”
Elena gave him a weird look, but decided not to ask any further. Not about Kat, anyway. “Was that Caroline? I thought I heard her voice”
“Yeah, but she’s gone too” Damon said.
“Why?” Elena asked.
“I sent her away” Damon said, avoiding Elena’s look.
Elena shook...
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“What the hell are anda doing here?” he asked shaking.
“I’m just paying Elena a visit” Katherine berkata casual. “That’s all”
“How dare anda come around here?” Damon said. “After what anda did? anda attacked Elena, anda almost got me killed”
“I tried to convince anda to drink blood, but Rebekah compelled you” Katherine tried to explain. “Which is why I told anda anda have to drink vervain again”
“I want anda gone” Damon berkata threatening. “I want anda out of our lives, for good”
Katherine shook her head. “You need me, Damon”
“No, I don’t” Damon disagreed. “I...
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