The Vampire Diaries TVD Episode 20in20 ikon Contest [Previous Round Results]

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the previous round results in TVD Episode 20in20 Icon Contest

Round 1 Themes:
1. Name: link
2. Border: link
3. Center: link
4. Action: link
5. Smile: link
6. Outfit: link
7. Bright: link
8. Red: link
9. Two Characters: link
10. Night: link

Category: Actors/Actresses link
Artist's Choice link

Round 2 Themes:
1. Blend: link
2. Day: link
3. Happy: link
4. Lines: link
5. Negative Space: link
6. Right: link
7. Blur: link
8. Faceless: link 
9. Episode Title: link
10. Sepia: link

Category: Episode Quotes link
Artist's Choice link

Round 3 Themes:
1. Single Letter: link
2. Left: link
3. Black: link
4. Sad: link
5. Rotate: link
6. Eyes: link
7. Anxious: link
8. Scenery: link
9. Hands: link
10. Inside: link

Category: First, Middle, & End link -Edited-
Artist's Choice: link -Edited-

Round 4 Themes:
1. Smile: link
2. Looking Down: link
3. Top: link
4. Pain: link
5. Focal Blur: link
6. Three Characters: link
7. Angry: link
8. Dark: link
9. Back: link
10. Suspicious: link

Category: Episode Song Lyrics link
Artist's Choice link

Round 5 Themes:
1. Half of Face: link
2. Blue: link
3. Outside: link
4. Jewelry: link
5. HBIC: link
6. Full Body: link
7. Alone: link
8. Mood: link
9. Sudden: link
10. Kiss: link

Category: Rainbow Colors link
Artist's Choice link

Round 6 Themes:
1. Home: link
2. Red: link
3. Fake Background: link
4. Bottom: link
5. Two Way Conversation: link
6. Danger: link
7. Comfort: link
8. Name: link
9. Black Border: link
10. Circle: link

Category: Episode Highlights link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 7 Themes:
1. Green: link
2. First Scene: link
3. Compelling: link
4. Night: link
5. Confused: link
6. Phone/Text: link
7. Simple: link
8. Family: link
9. Internet Slang: link
10. Group: link

Category: Female Characters link
Artist's Choice link

Round 8 Themes:
1. White: link
2. Surprised: link
3. Black & White +1 Color: link
4. Blood: link
5. Eating/Drinking: link
6. Split: link
7. Lazy: link
8. One Word: link
9. Creative: link
10. Damon: link
Category: Original(s) link

Artist's Choice link

Round 9 Themes:
1. Boring: link
2. Stefan: link
3. Laughing: link
4. In Motion: link
5. Yellow: link
6. Weather: link
7. Texture: link
8. Large Text: link
9. Underrated Character: link
10. Dramatic: link

Category: 7 Deadly Sins: link
Artist's Choice link

Round 10 Themes:
1. Elena: link
2. Dots: link
3. Bag/Purse: link
4. Duplicate: link
5. Annoyed: link
6. Last Scene: link
7. Pop Art: link
8. Rotate: link
9. Impressive: link
10. Rude: link

Category: Favorite Scenes: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 11 Themes:
1. Blend: Character & Actor/Actress: link
2. Black & White +2 colors: link
3. Username: link
4. Triplicate: link
5. Traveling: link
6. Caroline: link
7. Worried: link
8. Shirt: link
9. School/School Related: link
10. Killing: link

Category: Storyline link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 12 Themes:
1. Klaus: link
2. Crossover Scene: link
3. Sepia +1 Color: link
4. Jacket: link
5. Ring: link
6. link: link
7. Scream: link
8. Sarcastic: link
9. Unnatural Color: link
10. Tempted: link

Category: Male Characters: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 13 Themes:
1. Warm Colors: link
2. Bonnie: link
3. Looking Up: link
4. Episode Year: link
5. Vervain: link
6. Crying: link
7. Flag Colors: link
8. +Disney Character: link
9. Review: link
10. Unexpected: link
Category: Fanmade Opening Credits: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 14 Themes:
1. Alaric: link
2. Birthstone Color: link
3. Last Name: link
4. Crazy: link
5. Photo Negative: link
6. Crowd: link
7. Lips: link
8. Solid Color Background: link
9. Aggressive: link
10. Drinking: link
Category: Same Scene Different Croppings: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 15 Themes:
1.Looking Right: link
2.Black & White: link
3.Arguing: link
4.Jeremy: link
5.Channel Logo: link
6.Christmas: link
7.Awkward: link
8.Cold Colors: link
9.Split in 3: link
10.Squares: link

Category:Least Favorite Scenes link
Artist's Choice:link

Round 16 Themes:
1.Mirror/Reflection: link
2.Looking Left: link
3.Rebekah: link
4.Running/Rushing: link
5.New Year 2013: link
6.Vanity: link
7.Plain Background: link
8.Night Sky: link
9.Gold(en): link
10.Kick-Ass Moment: link

Category:Fancy Text: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 17 Themes:
1.Cherish: link
2.Blue & White: link
3.Tyler: link
4.Filmstrip Border: link
5.Dress/Skirt: link
6.Star(s): link
7.Havoc: link
8.Silhouette: link
9.Sunlight: link
10.Quote of the Episode: link
Category:The First Five Characters: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 18 Themes:
1.Increase Contrast: link
2.Mistake: link
3.Bedroom: link
4.Matt: link
5.Walking: link
6.Desire: link
7.Eye Candy: link
8.Tie/Suit: link
9.Easy: link
10.Season & Episode #: link
Category:Valentine Colors link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 19 Themes:
1.Lucky: link
2.Kitchen: link
3.Green & White: link
4.Jealous: link
5.Street: link
6.Out of Line: link
7.Jenna: link
8.Quote Only: link
9.Lovely: link
10.Concerned: link
Category:Last Five Characters link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 20 Themes: FREE ROUND
1.Decade Dance: link
2.Daylight Jewelry: link
3.Favorite Ripper: link
4.Memorable Moment: link
5.1864: link
6.Shane: link
7.Favorite Hybrid: link
8.Season 1: link
9.Season 2: link
10.Season 3: link
Category:Deceased Characters: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 21 Themes:
1.Covered: link
2.Make-Up: link
3.Katherine: link
4.City/Town: link
5.Linear Gradient Effect: link
6.Catching Word/Phrase: link
7.Feeding: link
8.Vengeance: link
9.Living Room: link
10.+Crossover Partner in Crime: link

Category:Pastel Colors link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 22 Themes: 
1.Comic Book Style: link
2.Music: link
3.Question: link
4.Elijah: link
5.Up High: link
6.Hands Full: link
7.Spring: link
8.Purple & Black: link
9.Stairs: link
10.Light: link

Category:From the Neck Down: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 23 Themes: 
1.May: link
2.Floral Clip Art: link
3.Chair: link
4.Geometric: link
5.Hayley: link
6.Regret: link
7.Looking Away: link
8.Three Colors: link
9.Shocking Moment: link
10.+Crossover Rival: link

Category:5 Words to Describe your Episode: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 24 Themes: 
1.Discussion: link
2.Summer: link
3.Unequal Split: link
4.Colorful Text: link
5.Behind You: link
6.Bloodline: link
7.Tranquil Effect: link
8.Katherine: link
9.Blue & White: link
10.Focus: link

Category:Rotate link
Artist's Choice: link
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