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This The Vampire Diaries foto might contain potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

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Well, for one he lied to Elena ever since they met. And I know he was a vampire and all but he was going to have to tell her at some point. “There are things that anda don’t know. Things that I want to tell anda but I can’t. And I may never be able to.” So was he just gonna keep his vampire secret a secret forever? That’s kinda hard to hide from a person who anda are in a relationship with, especially Elena who can tell when you’re hiding something from her and will do whatever it takes to find out the truth. To quote Matt: “She’s big on trust man. Whatever you’re hiding from...
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 The Talk Over due
The Talk Over due
"So there it is," Damon says to Stefan. "There it is," Stefan echos. "But it's okay, because if loving Elena means anda protect her, I'm fine. But I have something anda never will...her respect." As soon as the words leave Stefans' mouth, Damon lashes out. With one blow he sends Stefan flying into a bookcase, makeing a trail of buku fall to the floor along with Stefan. "Listen here little brother and listen close. I'll only say this once. Yes, I'm in ove with Elena, and no i don't have her respect. But what makes anda think your little relationship will last? The big bad vampire issue will come...
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