The Walking Dead 30 hari Challenge

Kassaremidylynn posted on Jan 04, 2012 at 09:35PM
So I moved this over to the forum section at the suggestion of Dark Sarcasm, to avoid clutter in the club.

I will post all of the challenges for the 30 days. Just specificy which day you are on when you post, so as to avoid confusion.

Here goes:

1. Favorite male character? Why?
2. Favorite female character? Why?
3. Favorite overall? Why?
4. Who has the best hat? Why?
5. How do you feel about the dale/Andrew scene right before the CDC blew up?
6. Best survivor death so far? Why?
7. Favorite episode? Why?
8. What do you think Jenner whispered to Rick?
9. What do you prefer; Lori/Shane or Lori/Rick?
10. Thoughts on Andrea?
11. Tell us how you really feel about Merle.
12. How do you feel about Rick?
13. Favorite pairing? Why?
14. Least favorite pairing? Why?
15. Favorite line? Why?
16. What survivor would you be 100% okay with if they were killed next episode?
17. How do you feel about Shane? Why?
18. If you’ve read the comics, do you think the show is doing them justice? If you haven’t read the comics, has the show inspired you to go read them someday?
19. On a scale of 1-10, how scary do you think the show is?
20. Has there been any specific walker that scared you the most? Why?
21. If you were bit, what would you do?
22. If you could have one person on the show as your partner during the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
23. Who is the most emotionally unstable character? Why?
24. What’s your contingency plan in cast of a zombie apocalypse?
25. What Walker kill has been the best? Why?
26. Favorite scene? Why?
27. How does the Walking Dead compare to other movies/shows about zombies?
28. How long do you think you could survive in a similar situation?
29. How do you feel about Glenn? Why?
30. Least favorite episode? Why?


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