The Walking Dead kegemaran part of the Season 10 Comic-Con trailer?

Pick one:
We all float down here!
One rule. One law. We are always watching.
Seth Green. Is that you?
People are putting their shitting pants back on.
Rosita had her baby!... and she's sad?
A girl found a face.
I spy with my little eye.
Fear is dangerous.
Silence the Whisperers.
Lydia is the new Morgan?
Watch your back kid.
Daryl threatens Negan
If anda don't protect what belongs to you, it belongs to someone else.
kacang, kacang tanah mentega meet Jelly!
Laura is alive!
anda ever wonder if this is all there is?
We're just surviving one fight 'til the next.
I'm on a boat, motherfucker!
No lebih fighting. Just get on the bike and go.
Eugene the pediatrician.
Sexy time!
Somehow it's harder the saat time around.
Ezechonne? Michzekiel?
Oh no they didn't!
Your punishment must be lebih severe.
jalang, perempuan jalang has to die.
This is my land now. anda better run.
It's gonna get worst before it gets better.
anda should fear me.
Should we have matching bracelets now?
Michonne with Lucille!
 Bibi69 posted ·29 hari lalu
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