To Siva

I know anda probably won't read this atau won't get to read this but I'm Penulisan to say how much anda really mean to me and your other fans.

We Cinta everything about you, your hair, your eyes, your voice, your personality. I could go on for ages and somehow anda allways make us peminat-peminat laugh. For me me what makes anda stick out from the others is your personality and that your so humble and kind, sure the others have their moments but that doesn't matter.

Unfortunately I missed anda guys when anda came to New Zealand I was so devistated that I couldn't go to one of your concerts let alone meet anda in person. I'm the only person in my class that likes The Wanted and the only person in my school, maybe the only person in my city. I can't really talk about anda atau the rest of The Wanted with anyone so my family hears about everything to do with anda guys. I don't have an account on Facebook atau Twitter so i can't really see what anda guys are up to atau chat about The Wanted.

I have an account on this website called Fanpop where there's different Kelab anda can sertai for example The Wanted where anda can post pictures and video and stuff like that. Even though we're all from different parts of the world we're pretty close because of The Wanted which is cool so thanks for that.

Sorry if this is too long for anda Siva but if you've read this far I might as well tell anda this, it might sound a bit weird atau stupid atau even a bit dorky but we Cinta anda Siva, all your peminat-peminat do. Don't forget it. Nareesha's SUPER lucky to have anda as her partner I hope she treats anda well and loves as much as she can. We're all pround of anda I expect that your family would be proud of you. Ignore the haters they're just jelous because your so awesome. Don't let anyone get anda down, and remeber we're all here for anda and we care about anda so much,

From SarahLovesSiva (Sarah)