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Author's Note: So, yeah. I know this seems kind of strange for me to be re-starting a peminat fiction like this, but, I just really wanted to finish this story off. One of the people who joined (They will remain nameless) asked me to continue this story on another site; since I kind of gave up on it here. I accepted, but last night is when I began re-reading the sebelumnya chapters...I forgot how much fun I had Penulisan these, and I also forgot how good I thought this whole idea was. I've decided to continue with this story, so I hope the original readers will enjoy this.


The large group whirled around, trying to asses the situation that they were now in. "Midna, what's going on?" Rochelle shouted, trying to find anyone in the dark, thick black smoke. "He's trying to separate us...quick, try and fly above it!" Most of the girls tried flying, but they were always brought back down to the ground; as if they were being pulled down sejak some mysterious force.

"I can't fly!" Alysa shrieked, most of the other girls shouting the same thing. "What's going on, why can't we fly?" Angela screamed, everyone soon beginning to panic. "Everyone try and calm down! We need to focus!" They heard Bloom shout. "Tecna, why don't anda try and figure out what this thing is?" There was no response to Bloom's question. "Tecna?" There was no response once more, leaving the red-head slightly scared. She heard a noise and spun around, creating an orb of energy in her hands. "Who's there?" When there was no response, she walked further into the darkness.

She carefully made her way through the thick black smoke, making sure to be ready if, and whenever something chose to attack her. That's when she heard it; crying? No, it sounded lebih like screaming, and fighting. She began to pick up the pace, in fear of her Friends being in danger. "Hello? Girls, is that you?" She shouted, and when she earned no response, she took to flying and sped her way towards the sumber of the noise.

That's when she saw it; halting her flight as soon as she did. In front of her, was a scene that she only dreamed about in her nightmares; there were the Trix, except, in her worst nightmare they were stronger, crueler and made her, Bloom, seem much smaller and far lebih inferior. There were her parents, Oritel and Mariam, being beaten in a horrific and Brave battle. "Mom, dad!" She shouted, but they didn't seem to have heard her; merely continuing their battle against the Trix.

She saw Darcy re-appear as hundreds, and illusion causing both her parents to become frightened. Stormy then caused a large hurricane to surround them, making it impossible to escape. Icy then stepped in, a deadly look in her eyes. "Say hi to the Ancestral Witches, will ya?" She then laughed maliciously, creating a horrid storm freezing both of her parents on the spot. "No!" Bloom screamed, and she tried running towards them but she was frozen, unable to alih and help them. She simply stood there, in silent agony as she saw her parents freeze to death before her eyes.

In another another part of the dark smoke, melati, jasmine was making her way slowly and cautiously through it. "Lucas, come in," She whispered, but only earning the crackling and popping of interference through her earpiece. "Ruth...Ros...Tariq...someone come in, dammit!" She snapped, getting rather impatient. She gazed around the area once more, making sure nothing had changed; lifting her gun here and there as a form of intimidation towards anything that might be watching.

She continued watching, becoming lebih and lebih jumpy sejak the minute. She then heard something, becoming much lebih alert in response. "Who's there?" She shouted, raising her gun. There was only silence to her question, and she carefully made her way closer and closer towards the noise. She heard mumbling, and then soft screams. "Hello?" She asked, becoming slightly lebih cautious. There was a small sliver of light in the distance, and melati, jasmine raised an eyebrow. That shouldn't be there... She thought to herself and gradually speed up to get a closer look.

She eventually came within arm's distance of the mysterious opening, and intrigued, she stuck her hand inside and within a zap: she had vanished.

melati, jasmine moaned and rubbed her head, trying to clear her foggy vision. "Where am I?" She mumbled, trying to figure out her surroundings. A high-pitched scream filled the air which caused her to fall to the ground in a heap of pain. She covered her ears, trying to find what was making that noise. But then, as soon as it began: it stopped. melati, jasmine blinked, getting up. "What the hell was that?" There then was another scream, except this time it was much lower and soon follow by...Russian? melati, jasmine furrowed her brow and walked slowly towards the one speaking Russian - she almost shrieked.

The thing that plagued her dreams was here, happening right in front of her. The thing that kept her awake for months after being retrieved...she slowly fell to the floor, covering her ears to try and block the sound, but it only seemed to make it louder.

"Tell us about Sugarhorse!" A woman snarled in Russian, and soon snapped her fingers after not receiving a quick enough response: a man pouring water over their captive's face; causing him to scream in fear and pain. She removed the cloth, hissing in their captive's face. "Tell us now," The man sobbed. "I don't know anything about it," He whispered in Russian. "I don't know anything about Sugarhorse..." He sobbed in English. The woman rolled her eyes, and snapped her fingers; the torturer resuming his sebelumnya actions. melati, jasmine sobbed, closing her eyes. "Lucas no...please make it stop!" She shrieked. The woman smiled cruelly, dumping lebih water unto Lucas' face. "No, please stop!" melati, jasmine screamed in Russian, earning no response; she sobbed, burying her head in her hands as she hoped for it all to end soon...

Musa breathed heavily, as she ran faster and faster through this seemingly never-ending glob of dark magic. She looked left to right; up to down; trying to find a way out of it all. "Girls? Section D? Is anyone there?" She shouted, feeling utterly a lone. She began walking to her right, hoping to find one of her Friends waiting around the corner...but she saw nothing. "What if I try blasting this stuff away?" She thought out-loud, nodding in agreement with her idea. "Stereo Crash!" She shouted, blasting two powerful purple beams from each of her hands. The smoke cleared for a few seconds, before accumulating once again. "That didn't work..." She whispered, and suddenly, all the smoke began surrounding her; engulfing her in some form of a tornado.

Musa quickly covered herself with a shield, watching the darkness swirl around her vanished. She cocked her head to the side, putting her shield down. She rubbed her eyes, thinking that her eyes were playing tricks on her, but it was real; she was in the light once more. She slowly made her way forwards, keeping an eye on her surroundings. "Hello? Anyone here?" She called out. "Musa..? Is that you..?" She blinked when she heard the voice; it sounded so familiar, yet so foreign at the same time. She walked further into the blankness of the room and her eyes widened when she saw the sight in front of her.

"Mom?" She whispered, her mother Matlin, nodding 'yes'. "Hello there, Musa." She said, smiling. Musa grinned, tears falling from her face. "It's really you!" She gasped, and began running towards her to embrace her mother, but she was abruptly stopped; four long, black ropes of powerful magical ooze strung themselves unto her arms and legs. She struggled against them, trying to pry free. "Let me go!" She hissed, her mother making her way slowly towards her daughter. "No mom, stay back!" Musa snapped, her mother stopping, only to scream.

Musa looked up to find that five, female ghost-like beings had her mother surrounded. "Who are you? What do anda want?" She screamed, backing into a corner. The five figures all grinned evilly simultaneously, and soon collided for form one tall, brooding evil figure. "Oh anda should know who I am...but it's obvious that I've come for you." It stuck one long, curled finger at Matlin, causing her to scream out of fear. "No, leave her alone!" Musa shouted, the creature ignoring her. "Who are you?" Matlin shrieked, the creature smirking cruelly. "I am death," And with that, a black jubah, berjubah enveloped Musa's mother, Musa screaming from fear and worry. "Mom! Mom, are anda still there?" She screamed, the only thing she could hear in response, was her mother's high-pitched screams...

Lucas raised his gun, making sure that anything that would think of sneaking up on him - would think otherwise. "Jasmine, are anda there?" He tried his coms once more, but only received static. He cursed, and continued making his way through the darkness. Suddenly...

Whack! He was slapped forcefully be some unknown force. "What the hell..?" Whack! He was hit once again, much harder this time. He moaned in pain, quickly lifting his gun. "Who's there?" He shouted. "Show yourself!" He could feel a slight breeze coming from all around him, and soon, come of the smoke coalesced to form a woman. "Oh Lucas, anda should be very familiar with me," She whispered, smirking. Lucas swallowed. "No..." He mumbled, and she chuckled. "Oh yes..." With a clap of her hands, the smoke whirled around him and soon, it vanished to reveal a scene;

It was Jasmine, and it seemed that she was once again back in their cell in Russia. He watched carefully, wondering what she could be doing.

melati, jasmine was walking around the room, dragging an old metal chair along with her. It made a scratching noise upon the floor, and soon, she stopped walking; placing the chair right unto one of the pillars holding the foundation of the roof together. She looked up at it grimly, and soon walked towards one of the beds, grabbing a sheet and spinning it - causing it to form into a rat-tail. She clasped both sides, making sure that it wouldn't come undone, and soon stood up on the chair; looping the sheet over the pillar and then tying it firmly to create a noose.

Lucas' hati, tengah-tengah began beating faster with each saat that past. He had a horrible feeling that he knew what she was going to do. melati, jasmine looked around the room once more, as though contemplating if she should truly did this atau not. Seeing no one there to stop her, she carefully placed her head through the noose and with one last breath - kicked the chair out from under her.

Lucas screamed, and began running towards her but it seemed as though he were running in slow motion; each new step becoming harder than the last. He was soon reduced to crawling on the floor on his hand and knees, but that still wasn't fast enough. He could see melati, jasmine choking, her body twitching and legs trying to regain their footing and balance upon something. He tried crawling faster, but the harder he tried, the slower he seemed to go. "Jasmine, melati, jasmine please listen to me! Please, just grab the sheet - anda can still save yourself!" He sobbed, looking up at her. She let out a gurgled gasp and then came a sickening pop! Lucas screamed in agony as he watched her hang their; swaying back and forth upon the post...

Flora skittishly made her way through the darkness, making sure to keep herself safe. "I hope all the girls are alright..." She mumbled, jumping when she heard a sudden sound. "Hello...?" She whispered, a shrill giggling of a child responding. She jumped, looking around the area - seeing only darkness. "Come on, let's go play Flora!" A childish voice cooed, Flora whirling around to find her younger sister Miele standing there. "Miele?" Flora gasped, smiling brightly. "How did you--" Her sister grabbed her hand. "Come now, follow me!" She giggled, leading her sister through the darkness.

Miele took many twists and turns, leading her sister wherever she wanted to. "Miele where are we going?" Flora asked, her sister no responding. "Miele, where are anda taking me?" Miele turned around, and smiled. "Home, silly!" Flora raised an eyebrow, but continued to follow her sister. "Are we almost there--" Flora screamed; her sister had gone and all that was remaining in her hand were the Bunga that were once one her head.

"Miele where did you--" She turned around to find that she was back in her home, Linphea...but something was very wrong; the once healthy trees were now black, most of them burned to the ground. The rumput was dead, and the once clear water was brown and was their sky. Flora gasped, and made her way towards the trees as means to try and find out what happened. She placed her hand on it and hissed - quickly removing her hand from it.

"What could have caused all of this to happen--" She moaned in pain as she tripped, falling the ground in a heap. She rubbed her ankle and got up, turning around to see what she tripped on. She let out a horrid shriek as she stood in front of a pile of dead bodies; all the victims being people whom she once knew. There were mother's, and children and even father's; their bodies burned and their pale eyes staring up into the the dark sky. Flora's eyes shone with tears as she turned and ran as fast as she could away from this horrible nightmare...

"Ros, come in..." Ruth snapped, earning nothing but interference. "Dammit...why aren't the coms working here?" She glanced around, pulling out her phone and shining the artificial light around the darkness; it barely penetrating a few inches into the gloom. She needed to find a way out of here, and doing it sooner was better than later. She began walking to the left of her; hoping to see someone from the Grid.

Thump, thump, thump... She whirled around, trying to find where that noise had come from. "Hello? Is anyone there?" She shouted, earning no response. Thump, thump, thump... "There is goes again," Ruth mumbled, looking around in all directions. She felt something tap on her foot, and she jumped back, lowering her gun to the floor. "What the--" in front of her was something she would have never thought she would see in a place such as this; a football.

She kneeled down and picked it up, tossing it a few times in the air. "Now where did anda come from?" She asked it, looking around once more, gasping when she saw someone to her right. "Who's there?" She said, dropping the football and raising her pistol. "Ruth?" A childish voice asked, and Ruth swallowed. "Yes, I am Ruth - who are you?" A small boy soon stepped out of the shadows, which made a breath catch in her throat.

"Nico?" She gasped, baffled that her step-son would be in such a place. The boy, Nico, smiled and made his way towards Ruth. "Come on Ruth, let's go play football!" He said, smiling. Ruth raised an eyebrow. "Sure Nico, let's play football," She said, tossing the ball to him. Nico caught it, and happily began kicking it around. Ruth got up and began walking towards him before four black figures emerged from the darkness and grabbed Nico; Ruth suddenly becoming trapped inside an invisible cage.

"What are anda doing to him?" She shouted at the figures, but they could not hear her. They snaked their way towards Nico, two grabbing his arms and tying him to a chair - while one covered his eyes with a blindfold, and the other revealed a long pistol. Ruth's eyes widened and she began beating against the glass, trying to pry their attention away from Nico. "Oi! Over here! Leave him alone, he didn't do anything! If anda want to kill anyone kill--"

Pop pop! Went the gun as the figure shot two bullets into the head of the child sitting in front of them. Ruth covered her mouth, tears shining in her eyes as she watched Nico's head fall limp against his chest and blood trickled down from his forehead to the ground. "No!" She shrilled, banging against the glass. The killer, turned and smirked evilly in her direction, soon walking slowly up to her cage. "Oh Ruth," It said, and soon its face took the shape of Harry's; causing Ruth to scream and fall over, scooting back into the far corned, sobbing over the death of a boy whom wasn't even her son...

"Andros Hurricane!" Layla shouted, trying to rid the area of this dense and horrid smog. Her magic created a small, clear area, but soon the smog recollected and once again, became the thick and dense darkness that filled the room. Layla stomped her foot angrily on the ground, looking around to see if anyone might try and sneak up on her.

"Maybe I can try and get out with my Speedix wings," She nodded and transformed, "Winx Speedix!" She shouted, and her Believix wings shifted to her Speedix ones. She looked towards where the ceiling might be and shot staight up; flying as hard as she could. But, as though as high she thought she might be flying - the darkness didn't seem to be breaking up. "Morphix Wave!" She shouted, blasting the smog in front of her. This time, all the smog surrounding her cleared up, making a gaping hole for her to exit by. "Yes!" She shouted in triumph, and flew through it.

"What the--" She expected to see the dark, and gloomy palace of Twilight in front of her, but instead...she was in Andros. She was fluttering over the opening of the Omega portal and could see that it was open. "What?!" She shrieked, and quickly flew down in the direction of the portal - only to be smacked sejak a blast of powerful magic. She was flung a few feet from the site, and rubbed her head from the pain.

She quickly got up and looked around, gasping when she saw that her parents were trying to close it. "Mom, dad, what are anda doing?" She shouted, but they didn't seem to have heard her. Layla began running towards them, but as much as she shouted, no one seemed to her here. She was in arm's distance of them, but then was flung away once lebih sejak yet another blast from the portal. Layla quickly recovered, but saw that the portal was going out of control; powerful beams of magic shooting from it out of every angle. She could see her parents performing various spells, trying to stop it.

There was another big blast, and soon a large crack was snaking it's way across the terrain and towards Layla. She screamed, and quickly flew up as she watched in horror as the ground caved in; leaving a gaping whole in the earth. She glanced over to her parents, and watched as the same crack made it's way towards the portal, causing a horrible shaking. She screamed in horror as she saw her mother and father fall into the portal of Omega. "No!" She screamed, tears falling from her eyes, as she flew over quickly to try and save them. She was so close...bam! Another blast which sent her flying miles away from the portal; her shouting the only sound to be heard....

"Lucas, Jo...someone come in!" Ros snarled, earning nothing from her ear-piece. She swore, and tore it out of her ear - tossing it as hard and far as she could into the darkness. "Bloody thing isn't useful anyhwere," She spat, continuing her way through the smog. "Maybe I can try and call someone," She reached in her pocket and checked her phone, only to roll her eyes. "Of course there's no signal." She re-pocketed it and continued walking in silence...

Pzzt, pzzt! Pzzt, pzzt! She jumped when she felt her phone begin to vibrate, and she quickly took it out to see who it was. "Don't recognize this number..." She merely shrugged this off and took the call. "Hello?" She asked. "Ros?" She almost dropped her phone. She knew that voice, but how..."Adam? I-is that you?" Whispered, her hands beginning to shake. "Of course it's me Ros, who else could it be?" Ros removed the phone from her ear, and grimaced at it. Was this some kind of sick joke? "Adam anda cannot possibly be calling me." She hissed. "Well why not?" She swallowed. "You're....dead." There was silence on the other end of the line. "A-Adam?" Ros whispered, earning no response.

"Look behind you." Ros jumped, and whirled around; quickly taking out her gun and pointing it in the direction of the speaker. "'s only me," berkata Adam, as he casually walked out of the shadows. Ros blinked, her mind trying to make sense of the whole situation. "But this is impossible! You're dead! Lucas saw anda die!" She hissed, her hands shaking. "Do I look dead? anda of all people Ros should know not to trust everything someone tells you." Ros slowly put the gun down, and listened to what this...Adam, if it even was him, had to say.

"How can anda trust the judgement of this man? He was in Russia for eight years--" Ros flinched. "You of all people should know that he wasn't there having a good old social tiem with the Russians, Adam." He chuckled, rubbing his neck. "Well we don't know that, do we? I mean, none of us were actually there to say what happened there..." Ros raised an eyebrow. "Are anda implying that Harry lied to us all?" Adam shrugged. "I'm not implying that any of anda - any of my team, are liars. I wouldn't be so sure about that North fellow, though." Ros did not like where this was headed. "But melati, jasmine was there as well, anda know?" Adam smirked. "Oh yes, North's little could I forget her?" Ros narrowed her eyes. "How can anda say something like that?" She spat, Adam merely raising his hands in "surrender".

"You know anda can never trust someone like that. Someone lik that who has been in a country like Russia for so long..." Ros took a step back, trying her best to analyze the situation. "Adam, anda were in Serbia for 3 years but we still trusted anda - Harry trusted you, I trusted you. anda were one of our best officers." Adam nodded. "Yes, but I was tortured there, there's a difference." Ros rolled her eyes. "Lucas and melati, jasmine were there for lebih than eight years being the hell is that any different?" Adam narrowed his eyes. "You don't believe me, Ros?" She laughed. "How can I? You're supposed to be dead!" She shouted, Adam smirking and soon vanished; placing Ros' nerves on edge.

"I guess you're right...I am dead, aren't I? Well I don't believe, why don't we watch how I died, shall we?" In a flash, Ros was standing outside of an abandoned parking area in London, watching as the car Adam drove on the fateful hari - skidded to a halt. A lump fomred in her throat as she watched Adam, her Adam, open the door, trying to escape before--


The whole area shook, and Ros was forced to the ground; tears falling from her eyes. "Oh I missed it, mind if we watch again?" Ros chocked. "What?!" She shrieked, and she watched another zap of light appear and the car appear once more. She covered her eyes as she heard the car explode once more. "Missed it again, blast!" Ros began sobbing as she saw Adam, the man she loved, die over and over and over....

"Jasmine...Ruth...can anda hear me?" Jo whispered, trying her best to have some form of communication with her team. She sighed in defeat and frustration when no one responded, and continued making her way through the darkness. She hoped nothing bad was happening to her collegues, and she hoped nothing would happen to her anytime soon; her nerves were already on the edge with this whole place.

She continued walking, and then saw something; an opening? No, it looked lebih like-- "A door?" She gasped, making her way towards it. She grasped the handle and pried it open, onyl to be greeted with a dark and dingy room. She walked in, and the door behind her soon vanished and formed into a wall. Jo swallowed, and raised her gun, making sure the area was selamat, peti deposit keselamatan before she proceeded.

She made her way slowly though the dark room, and jumped when she heard a voice. "Jo..." It whispered, and she whirled around, backing up as soon as she did. "Boscard..." She hissed, raising her gun to his face. "Stay away from me!" She snarled, the man, Boscard smirking. "And why would I do that? anda know, anda look awfully pretty when you're mad." Jo's hands shook as she tried keeping her composure together. "Stay back!" She hissed, Boscard only smirking. "Oh do anda really think that anda can shoot me? it!" He challenged.

Jo flinched, but then took a deep breath; screaming as she shot the man five times. She took a breath of relief, and wiped the sweat from her brow. He was dead...She smiled, satisfied, but then froze as soon as she heard cruel laughter filling the room. She look ke hadapan to find Boscard there, staring straight into her eyes. "Can't get rid of me so easily," She screamed, and punched him in the face, running straight ahead of her - trying to find a way out of this place.

She quickly ran up the stairs, trying to find a place to hide. She saw a closet, and ran inside; covering herself with clothes and blocking the door with boxes. She shivered from fear as she could hear him make his way up the stairs; one step at a time.

She clapsed her hand over her mouth, trying to quiet her breathing, and she soon Boscard make his way to the saat floor; chuckling once he did so. "Come out, come out where ever anda are Jo," He teased, stopping once he found the closet. Jo's hati, tengah-tengah leaped into her throat as she watched in horrible anticipation as Boscard just stood there, as though waiting for her to come out. She watched the shadows closely, and soon saw him walk away. She let out air softly, regaining her breathing...she was about to leave but then--

"Gotcha!" Boscard hissed, prying the door open. Jo screamed, and kicked him between the legs, soon scurrying down the stairs; opening a door and running down a dark hallway. She could hear Boscard making his way down after her, but this only made her run faster. "That's right Jo, run, run like the wind!" He joked, his shrill laughing the only thing that filled the dark hall...


Author's Note(2): OHMAHGAWD. That was probably the longest, and darkest thing I have written in a really long time. But, I hope anda all were not all too disappointed about this chapter only being about the fears of the Winx (Sorry I didn't include Stella and Tecna; I didn't have any ideas for their fears) and section D. The seterusnya chapter will only be of the fears of our girls. I have mainly added this note so I can ask anda if anda can all send me a message telling me what your characters biggest and darkest fear is. Thanks, and I really hope anda liked this chapter. (I put a lot of work into it!)
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