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posted by nmdis
hei everyone. I was thinking to ask some soalan to all of you. I hope anda all will enjoy this game. So here are some of the soalan which anda will have to answer:

1. Have anda ever had crush on any Winx Club character?

2. Who is your favourite pet from The Winx Club series?

3. Have anda ever felt about any character atau sidekick that they should be protagonists?

4. Have anda ever thought about any Winx that they shouldn't be Protagonist in the Series?

5. Have anda ever had crush on any Villain from Winx Club series?

6. What is your favourite location from the series?

7. What is your favourite Season? And Why?

8. Which Winx/Trix anda find most prettiest character in the series?

9. Which Winx/Trix anda find ugliest in the series and why?

10. Who is the most intelligent character from the Winx Club series?

11. Who is most fashionable character from The Winx Club?

12. Can anda tell what is your favourite songs from the series?

13. your favourite episode?

14. Who's voice (which character's) anda find most attractive?

15. Who is most powerful Winx according to you?

These were soalan related to The Winx Club but now I will ask soalan which won't be related to winx.

1. What's your best dream ever?

2. Who is your crush?

3. Have anda ever thought of meeting person anda have talked on fanpop?

4. Have anda been cheated sejak your friend ever?

5. Which is the place anda want to go (which anda haven't visited yet)?

6. What anda want to be in future?

7. have anda ever cheated anda friend?

8. Whom anda trust more, your SISITER/BROTHER atau anda FRIEND?

9. What was the worst moment of your life?

10. What was the best moment of your life?

I hope anda all will enjoy this...
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