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Fair warning to all, this one has a very strong adult theme to it. I don't get into graphic detail, but you'll understand when anda start reading. And sejak all means, if you're uncomfortable with the topic, please just stop Membaca lol.

"Stoplight, lock the door. Don't look back. Undress in the dark, and hide from you, all of you."

Cold welcomed itself into the dark forest. She sat in the just outside the foreign cave, legs drawn closely to her body--quivering just short of violently. A horrid and unwanted lack of clothing did no good in sheltering her pale body from the chill creeping its way up and down her body--and it wasn't the only thing to do so that night. She didn't know his name, never even seen him before, but he had somehow found a way to creep up and down her body regardless. And his non-consensual touch left her trembling lebih fiercely than the cold ever had. At least the cold was familiar to her, at least she could grow used to and even enjoy the frosty feeling. Maybe that's why she hadn't re-entered the warmth of the cave--perhaps the frigid air would numb the emotions...the lingering sensation of a phantom hand--exactly where it didn't belong--right out of her.

"You'll never know the way your words have haunted me. I can't believe you'd ask these things of me. anda don't know me."

As hard as she tried to get the scene out of her head it kept replaying over and over again. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy it as much as I will." "I know you're a naughty girl, you've displayed it time and time again." And Icy couldn't even deny that last part. She had done some particularly naughty things...but noting of that nature. He had the wrong kind of naughty in his mind. Naturally she had protested, and with both verbal and physical force. "Come on please, can't anda just do this with me just once?" The blonde wizard requested. To which she recalled saying "No way in Hell" and "You don't even know my name." The wizard clearly wouldn't take no for an answer. If she had it right, it was at that point that he had made the 'naughty girl remarks' and something along the lines of "Your mouth says no, your cloths say yes." At that point she couldn't help but to look down--just to make sure she wasn't actually wearing a baju that read 'YES' in big bold letters. As expected she wasn't. Nope, Icy was wearing what she always wore.

It wasn't long before the man had propped himself atop her. Icy had no problem shoving him off with a blast of cold wind. But then his friends; the one with the bright red hair and the one with the dark skin came to his aid. It was three against one and they clearly knew how to hunt and capture a magical being. Between the three of them, Icy had been forced to the rocky ground. And the blonde proceeded with his dirty deed. At that point Icy stopped struggling as it was a useless waste of energy. And if the blonde's initial actions weren't agonizing enough, the other two stood sejak laughing and cheering the man on. Icy looked away from them and her eyes fell upon another man standing in the corner. His arms were folded across his chest and he was looking every which way clearly trying to avoid witnessing the unfolding scene. He ran his hand through his merah jambu mohawk.

"You belong to me, my snow white queen. There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over.
Soon I know you'll see, you're just like me. Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you."

sejak all means Icy was doing her very best to keep staring at him; it was much better than staring at the man who was assaulting her and maybe, just maybe that boy would grow a pair and tare his friend off of her. Eventually the blonde took her face in his hand, stared her right in the eye and informed her that she belonged to him...that he always fancied a lady with frosty powers...a lady that put up a fight. She spat in his face. This earned her a lebih vicious assault. And the soalan "Do anda want to try that again ice princess?" Mentally she told herself yes, what did she have to lose now? But she refrained. And somewhere along the lines Icy could swear the blonde saying something about how they were one in the same. That she would do the same in his position.

Head now buried in her hands, nails digging into her scalp, she couldn't help but to contemplate that one. Were they the same? Would she do that to someone else? At first Icy was damn certain that the answer was no. But then she thought way back...back to the first tahun she encountered Bloom. She hadn't done a damn thing when Darcy seduced Riven, in fact she rather condoned it. It was humorous.

She deserved this.

"Wake up in a dream. Frozen fear. All your hands on me. I can't scream. I can't scream."

And so Icy decide to run, but not without venturing back into the cave to retrieve her clothing. She ran faster than she could ever imagine. Not to escape the wizards (they had already fled the scene) but to escape her own thoughts. And the lebih intensely the feeling of all of their hands all over her replayed in her head the harder she ran. At a considerable distance into the forest Icy came to a dead halt, realizing that she couldn't run away from this one. She couldn't escape her own memories. With a frustrated cry she found herself beating her fists into a pokok over and over again until warm blood trickled out of her splintered knuckles and down her hand. Another frustrated cry, this one lebih of a sob and Icy let herself sink to the ground again. And then came the tears. Icy couldn't tell if they were formed from her fear, her sadness, atau her rage. It was probably a mix of all three.

How embarrassing...

At least no one was there to see her...

"I can't escape the twisted way anda think of me. I feel anda in my dreams and I don't sleep."

At some point in the night the woman must have worn herself out, for she had slumped to the ground into a painful slumber. One where her dreams were invaded sejak the blonde wizard's face. And her nightmare was almost worse than the real least the bondage wasn't real.

At least in the nightmare she was able to claw at his face pretty good.

Even so Icy had woken up, a lump in her throat. But she couldn't cry, she was fresh out of tears. Every time the woman tried to fall asleep she was visited sejak her attacker. She'd never be able to sleep again would she?

" I can't save your life,
Though nothing I bleed for is lebih tormenting.
I'm losing my mind and anda just stand there and stare as my world divides."

And so she sat up, once again holding her knees close to her chest. They couldn't get to her if she remained like that. But they did, they got her again and again through her own head. This time her thoughts wandered to the wizard with the mohawk. It was a good while into the attack when her eyes finally locked into his. And his golden eyes were laced with certain agony and shame. "I'm sorry. I can't help you." He mouthed."

"Fine then, just stand there. You're a weak little boy." Icy managed to holler. And the man turned his head.

Shameful. Disgusting.

And then he did something. He transformed him to a snake of some sort, hissing threats of venom laced bites if they continued the assault. The read-head roared with laughter. And he sustained a pantas, swift bite to the ankle. With a scowl the other two retreated. The one with the mohawk now back in his human form followed his Friends out of the cave--likely on a quest to find an antidote to that snake venom.

A long while later (infused with much mental pain) Icy got her closure; a headline in the newspaper Membaca 'Black bulatan Wizards Meet Their Frigid Ends.' The artikel described a backfired spell freezing them utterly solid. What a fitting end for them, Icy couldn't have asked for a better one. For a perpecahan, berpecah saat she even considered thanking those pesky Winx. But that would arise many questions, and she had no interest in sharing anything with them. She hadn't even bought herself to speak of this with Darcy and Stormy.

After all, some things are just best left unsaid. Perhaps if she avoided the topic it would just go away...
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So this is actually going to be my first lyric fic, you'll have to let me know how I did.

"When leaves have fallen and skies turned to gray, the night keeps on closing in on the day."

The season of autumn had come to a pantas, swift pass, allowing for the chill of winter to creep in. "Temperatures reaching below zero." The forecaster announced on the Televisyen in the window of a small electronics kedai in Magix. Bundled up and shielding themselves from the cold were most all of the citizens of Magix. Most all except one; Icy welcomed the frigged air against her skin, craved it. She had seated herself...
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*Just so ya know This is NOT a sequel to anything, but Lily is in it. AND she is apart of the winx*

It was a Wednesday after classes. The winx were in their dorm. They weren't doing anything but sitting around tapping their fingers.
"That's it we need to do something! I'm sick of being bored." Stella shouted.
"Oh yea and what do anda have in mind?" Aisha asked.
"Ummm, maybe we could go rollerskating." Stella suggested.
"That doesn't sound bad." Musa said.
"Well then what are we waiting for let's go!" Stella berkata while running in her room to change. Then everyone else did the same.
*About 20 minutes...
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----------Brandon’s p.o.v-----------
So November was way better than the bulan that came to a close with Halloween. We had exams this months since it was getting close to the end of our last first semester in high school. However it was the best bulan because I got to have Thanksgiving with my full family which included my mom, dad, brother, the twins, Helia, Timmy, Nabu, Riven, Sky, Bloom, Musa, Layla, Tecna, and the Cinta of my life Stella. Now we might not be all related sejak blood; but what makes us family is that we are always there for one another to catch each other when one of us falls....
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Musa’s p.o.v
I woke up to the smell of something completely incredible, I pretty sure anything would smell good at this point since none of us ate last night. I look to my right and see that Riven is still asleep; so I assume it must be Helia atau Savannah cooking but both them are still fast asleep. I am puzzled, so I pinch myself to make sure I’m actually awake and not dreaming; but I feel it so I know that I’m awake. I hear a voice say “you think you’re still dreaming don’t ya?” I know this voice, I look over to see a girl with tan skin, dark zamrud, emerald eyes, a comforting smile,...
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Autumn and Helia both slowly woke up on the ship.

"Helia, where are we?" Autumn asked. anda could hear the fear in her voice.

"I... I dont know..." Helia said, just before a guard walked in. He bowed.

"Prince Helia" He nodded. He walked past him to Autumn and grabbed her arm. He roughly pulled her up and began to shove her out of the room.

"What do anda think you're doing? Put your PRINCESS down now." Helia said.

"But I have orders, and I have to follow them. I'm sorry, your highness, but the King and Queen come first." He said, shoving her roughly out of the room.

He handcuffed Autumn and took her...
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In the morning, the winx ate and went to class. After a long boring hari at class, they went back there. "so, Amy, go tell him!" yelled Stella. "tell him what? Wait...tell who?" asked Amy. "your crush! Go to the red mata air, air pancut and tell him" berkata Stella. "okay, but can anda guys let me do this private, I am nervous" berkata amy. The WinxClub left. Icy walked over to Brandon. "hey Amy" berkata brandon. "look I kinda like you..." berkata icy. "huh, oh I am sorry...I am with-" icy kissed him. Brandon, forgetting everything enjoyed the kiss. All the boys stared, a specially the specialists we know. Brandon seemed...
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Find out who would be your bonded Selkie.

1.What do anda like best?
B:Flowers and Nature

2.What are your favourite colours?
A:Light blue and orange
B:Pink and light green
C:Yellow and orange
D:Purple and blue
E:Red and dark blue
F:Green and Purple

3.Which Pixie is your favourite?
A:Lockette, pixie of directions
B:Chatta, pixie of gossip
C:Amore, pixie of love
D:Piff, pixie of sweet dreams
E:Tune, pixie of good manners
F:Digit, pixie of technology

4.Who of the Winx do anda like best?

5.Which one is your favourite planet?
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winx club
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 Who would anda date?
Who would YOU date?
First off, it's an opinion. Don't take it to hati, tengah-tengah (or do, it'll do anda good... NOT lawl). Thanks for Membaca :D

The tajuk says it all. I know it's weird, but this happened on Facebook and I saw it. I don't remember what it's really called though lol. But I do have my opinions and reviews on them. First, let me give off a little summary of what happended:

1. Bloom - WINNER
2. Flora - Runner Up
3. Musa - Third place
4. Stella - Eh, fourth place
5. Tecna - *sniff* So low
6. Aisha - *weeping*
7. Roxy - Now who doesn't like animals, huh??

I don't really agree with this list.

First of all, Bloom is the winner....
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