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posted by dragonflame23
During the Rose Festival, both Bloom and Riven unwittingly fall into a trap sejak the Trix to divide the close relationship between the Specialists and the Winx. In the end, Riven thinks that Darcy has saved him in a racing crash and he blames Bloom for what happened.

There are hostilities between the Winx due to Stella's behavior, and Musa's feelings for Riven are strained. In a fight with the Trix, the possessor of the Dragon's Flame is revealed to be Bloom.

It's time for Bloom's magical midterm test in a virtual reality machine. The Trix mess with the computer so they can enter it and test her to be sure of Bloom is indeed the one who possesses the Dragon Flame.

Flora experiments with her plants to study for her test. Stella (who had her clothes torn apart sejak a plant) and Tecna (who was attacked sejak a plant) tell Flora to alih the plants. She moves them to Black-Mud Swamp. Flora seeks help from the Water Nymphs in finding a special plant. The Water Nymphs tell the Winx about a monster which has been terrorizing them and the Winx decide to fight it.
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posted by yasmin124
stella uses her septer to to take the winx to solaria the fashion tunjuk begins
Stella . this is wonderful
Musa. let me make it even lebih wonderfu; bye putting some Muzik on
Flora . we need to make the place look wonderful let me add some Bunga to thew background
Stella. wow its perfect now lets do the fashion tunjuk
Stella i am glad to be here my dream is to be a fashion desiner
the crowd . yay Stella go Stella clap clap clap
Brandon. comes and cheers
but unfortunlty for Stella her fashion tunjuk is ruined and Stella is crying the bulding is broken all because of the trix so the winx transform and...
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"Run away, hide away secret's in your name sacrificed just her life."

She had to hide, she had to run. She didn't know how many she'd taken. This girl was just another number. She hadn't been caught, the evidence always melted away long before the authorities got there. But yet she felt the need to flee anyhow. Perhaps flee from herself, her own dark thoughts. But no matter how hard her feet hit the pavement she couldn't escape her shadow self.

"No matter how many stones anda put inside she always keeps on floating in your mind with every turn of your head anda see her face again."

It was insanity...
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In darkness so complete what's a person to do? I could think of one thing and one thing alone. Sit and wait for the darkness to grow so close it becomes eternal. I'd like very much to think I'm badass enough to get myself out of this one. But some things...some things are hopeless. I'd been here for at least 3 days now, without a thing to eat atau drink. So this is how it ends...

I meant no harm, in fact I was kind of just minding my own business--I think it was a steaming cup of coffee that was in my hand at the time. Mum always berkata to stay away from the darkest of alleys. I always told her...
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posted by BlueColor
Have anda ever imagined a life where Pari-pari and witches unite to stop evil? Like The Trix and The Winx team up and stop evil once for all? What would happen if witches help the Pari-pari to stop evil, whilst the witches are suppose to be against them? Imagine Icy and Bloom, for the first time getting along as friends. Darcy and Stella actually teaming up together, Stormy and Flora being best friends.

If that happened, who would be the evil one? All the other enemies have been defeated; Darkar, Valtor, Wizards of Black Circle, Tritannus, Selina—but now The Trix are actually good and no longer...
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This is gonna be AU, a what would have happened if the Trix won type thing

"Here I am in all my majesty and there is nothing anda won't get to see come along and I'll give anda my world in one-hundred-forty characters."

Icy stood before her people...they were hers she smiled wickedly to herself as they all bowed before her. It was a bulan after she and her sisters took the place over. They did some pretty serious redecorating--from the three schools right down to the very streets of Magix. Everything was many shades darker, and in disorganized splashes of blue, purple, and pink. Icy insisted on...
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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: Though I don't usually ship Valtor/Icy, this one-shot will be mainly about their whole relationship and everything that transpired during the third season. It will be in Icy's P.O.V. This fic is inspired sejak Xandria's song of the same name. I hope anda like it.

"I was a fool for what I thought was Cinta and I tried my best to keep up what we had."

I had been a fool for thinking that there was lebih to our relationship. I had been deceived sejak someone before, so why would he be any different? Even though I...
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"Those who wager all will have to name a reason if anda can't let go, anda will end up empty handed if anda can't control, you'll live your life in vain who decides about my time to come?"

She was putting it all on the line, she knew it. In stealing the dragon flame, in even trying Icy knew she'd be wagering everything she worked for--her tajuk as the most powerful witch at awan Tower, any popularity she'd gained, her chance to graduate, and possibility her life. If she was going to do this she and her sisters had to win, they just had to. Darcy tried often to talk her out of this task, to just...
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**note: I wrote this along with another one in Algebra 2 Honors after I finished my class work and was listening to these two songs. I just had to type them on my computer since I wrote them in my journal first. so here is the first one
my other one shots
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I sat in my room looking out at the snow falling gently onto the ground. All of my Friends were excited...
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I've got nothing to say. But if anda ask me why it's called Séphlore, I don't really know. The name just pop out of my head last Friday on November 15, 2013. I was originally going to name it Yarxaar atau Paelös; but they sound quite boring. In the end, I chose Séphlore. In this chapter, there's no point-of-view.

The Book of Séphlore; Part 1~

Flora was anxious. She still couldn't get a decision. Her hands were beginning to sweat as she took out the red gem out of her pocket; looking at it. Flora sighed. She put the red gem back into her pocket. She paused for a moment.

Her rage was out of control....
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