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 Winx in Transformation: Enchantix (Musa)
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I Cinta this Transformation! No matter what anda say about!
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season 5
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This idea came to me a few days lalu but I just wasn't bothered to write it, however I decided to not be a Nick and actually write it. This is my opinion please respect it, but feel free to komen on things anda may not 100% agree on.

Winx atau first transformation:

Must say I Cinta the basic-ness of this one, however it is a bit revealing. The spells are, well, average they're not strong but this is the first year, so I wouldn't expect anything amazing. One thing that did catch my eye was their ability for four new Pari-pari to beat two senior witches, (the season finale of season 1.) What?...
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posted by CyD12
Rosella: ough! im so bored!
Megan: yeah me too...
Haze: im going to the perpustakaan anyone wants to come?
Megan: sure!
Haze: are anda coming Rosella?
Rosella: no thanks....
Megan: but anda will be alone here...
Rosella: its ok, i will be fine...
Haze: if anda say so... bye *they leave*
Rosella: so now what should i do? *someone text her* huh? *reads the text*

Rosella! come to magix! now!!! the witches are here and they are attacking ariel! hurry up!
oh and tell Haze and Megan to come too, we need all the help we can get..


Rosella: OMG! i have to hurry!!!


Sarah: hahaha! what happen little...
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