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Sad Beautiful Tragedy

It’s a peminat fiction story of Flora and Helia. I don’t know why but whenever I get a romantic one shot, Helia and Flora stuck my head maybe because they got most strong bonding among all the couples. Plus they are my favourite couple from The Winx. And I got inspirations from real incidences

It is a little known Cinta story of a poor village boy and a princess both of whom preferred death over separation. What is even lebih haunting is the fact that unlike other lebih popular legendary lovers, Flora and Helia continue to gain attention from all the people.
Legend has it...
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 What's wrong Roxy?
What's wrong Roxy?
On part 1 Roxy goes into a class, and now she has to write a 500 paged essay on the history of selkies.

Roxy lies on her katil still crying from before
How am I ever going to write an essay about something I have never seen before! berkata Roxy
Hey, What's wrong Roxy? berkata Aisha
Roxy turns her head and wipes her tears
I couldn't shapeshift so now I have to write a 500 paged essay in one hour, it's impossible! berkata Roxy
What do anda have to write the essay about? Asked Aisha
Selkies! What on earth is a selkie! berkata Roxy
Aisha explains what a pixie is! Aisha didn't listen and now Roxy is going to get punished...
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