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This The Winx Club seni peminat contains sejambak, korsase, karangan bunga, seikat bunga, american express, posy, nosegay, rose, rosiness, bunga kamelia, and camelia. There might also be orkid rama-rama, orkid butterfly, iris berjanggut, and bearded iris.

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Sorry if the Wizards are terribly out of character. This is the part where I confessed that I did not actually watch season 4 (well I saw a few episodes) but not enough to keep them in character.

Duman slumped besides Ogron on the sofa. "Heard anda took a down town Magix." Ogron drummed his fingers on the coffee table.

"How? From who?" Duman asked.

"Does that really matter. Point is, if anyone finds out we're alive...well, we'll be alive no longer." Ogron informed.

"We...'died' on Earth." Duman argued. "Not Magix."

"And where do anda think those faeries are from hu? Magix Duman! They're...
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these are all the reasons i dont like wind nut i Cinta it

1. In season 4 Musa loses the tomboy part of her personality. she doesn't have that swag anymore and wtf happened to her hair? she used to have pigtails and all of a sudden her hair is just down

2. Flora's outfit gets way too ugly. i mean seriously an like high ponytail with a bow is like what 8 tahun old girls wear my sister's an eight tahun old

3. Stella gets way to serious. she used to be funny and have a little bit of an accent but starting season three she just went no. i mean uh she like doesnt make as many jokes.

4. 1 word Roxy. Shes...
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