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Rythian Quotes
"Hello, I am Rythian and this is Minecraft."
"...because why not?"
"Oh, snappity snap!"
"Sips_ was slain sejak Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
"Sjin was slain sejak Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
"Noxite was slain sejak Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
"I am your worst nightmare!"
"Well, this is my land. Time to make it my bitch."
"Christ on a bike!"
"It's fine."
"Fair enough."
(To Nilesy) "Why don't anda take your wood, and your dirt, and shove them up your inventory..."
"The death of Guard Guy shall not be forgotten!"
"Zoey, there's no...
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Sjin Quotes
"You mother trucker!"
"I wouldn't like to spread that on my Ryvita"
"I- I- I will fight for anda Minty . I..I'll win this for us. Win this for Team..Team... whatever we are. Team Awesome."
"I got these jokers"
"Come here anda son of a gun!"
"Don't worry, I'm a professional"
"Oh crumbs!"
"You haven't heard the last of me Duncan! This means war."
"Oooh! Uranium cells! Lovely jubbly. I'll take those. Aww yeah. Just the ticket to torch his reactor."
"Let's ice these jokers."
"What happens in the hovel... Stays in the hovel"
"Here's a...
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Kicky Kicky Flow

Dan Bull:

Turn off whatever tune's on

And listen to this new song

It's BlueXephos, The Yogscast, The Goon Squad

Whatever name anda want to call us,

Fine, let's alih on

And clarify a few things to avoid confusion.

No need for Paypal,

Vouchers atau a coupon

You can see us free of charge,

Like a neutron

We won't blow the roof off,

But we'll put a roof on

Both obsessed with little cubes and I'm not talking croutons.

So get your shoes shone,

to a sheen,

Put your feet upon the futon and us upon the screen!


I am a dwarf...
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Sips Quotes
"That's pretty gay guys ... Prettyyy gay ... It's going to be good 'n' gay."
"If a guy served poop for, like, a fancy makan malam, majlis makan malam party, and he brought it out on a platter, would it be all lumpy? atau would it be like creamy ... maybe steaming a little."
"You gotta Cinta a pump."
"You son of a gun!"
"I'm just gonna make a camp guys."
"Oh, anda know what, anda know what ... Fuck you guys, fuck this game, fuck you!"
"Lick my rapehole Lewis!"
"I'm taking many hits, and not from the bong!"
"Look at this creeper!!! I'm gonna invite him over...
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Minecraft Krismas - Lyrics

It's Krismas Eve, and no snow's falling down
I'm all alone, and there's no one around
Can't pay my bills 'cause I Lost my job
I still got power but my internet's off

I hate this world, but I Cinta this new seed
I spawn in a forest with snow on the floor
Could this be the Krismas I was searching for?

My mates went away, and they didn't invite me
My parents aren't dead, no they just don't like me
Put two blocks of snow and a labu together
I made a friend who'll be with me forever

'Cause it's...
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Simon Quotes
"Lewis, when there's blame, there's claim." (Talking about Yogcave ruins + Quoting insurance advert)
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! !NOOOOOOOOO!! WHY!!! WHYYYY!!!!! EVERYTHING IS POINTLESS NOW!!!!! NOO!!!!....." (When Bill was found dead in Left 4 Dead 2.)
"Ohhhh, mmmmm, ohh granny..."
"Your fishy goodness really hit the spot...."...
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How do I Craft This Again? - Lyrics

You get online and the world forms 'round you
It's been a while, haven't played since point 2!
You break a smile, 'cause you've almost forgot to mine
It's just been such a long time!

And every time you're denied
With all the crafting recipes you've tried!
I'm sure it's ingots with some leather hide...

And now the wiki page is memuatkan slow
It could be wood atau mossy cobblestone!
What was the recipe, I just don't know!
I'm all alone.... Asking!
How do I craft this again?
(Oh oh oh oh)
How do I craft this again?...
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Fairytale of Sipsco - Lyrics
Sips: It's Krismas Eve bro
At SipsCo HQ
I'm all alone here, just like every year
I pour myself a drink
A pint of mountain dew
I raise my glass up high, and roti bakar our old friend Guy.

Oh who's that bearded one
Outside, dressed like a bum
My god, it's freezing
But he's not squealing
He's got a plan I see
To build a factory
Won't make it on his own
Well I can change that...

We'll have girls big as cars
And a pool full of cash
Now, the fun never ends
Throw your fears in the trash
When the first block of dirt leaves...
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Zoeya Quotes
"It's okay, he's a creeper now."
Rythian: "In-ter-dic-tion torch." Zoey: "Hehe, dick..."
"I have mushrooms!"
"Rythian, I need a wizard wand, now!"
"Rythian, I'm in space! I flew too high and now I'm in space! This is awesome! SPACE!"
"I had a cendawan village!"
"This fridge is completely science-free... Which means it doesn't work!"
"Oh my gosh!"
"Oh my heavens!"
"Oh my good gravy!"
"Computer! What does the scouter say about his power level? ... It's 604."
Zoey: "No, YOUR-anium." Rythian: "... Brilliant."
"Has the server moved/exploded/left...
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Kim Quotes

"Yer mum."
"Up yer bum."
"I have hairy balls"
"Boom head shot"
"Just put a plaster on it..."
"Still better than Justin Bieber"
"Uhh... We have noodles!"
"What's with all these explosive red barrels?"
"Jiminy cricket"
"Bling bling bling!"
"Ahhhhhhhhhh, Sjin help!"
"Get him, get him, get him!"
"Turps anda forgot to put pants on again."
"Why Sjin, Why!"
"My 'Drew don't come cheap!"
"Totoro is a cruel master. A cruel, furry master."
"Ohhhhhh dear."
Kubumbo! Go To (Too? Two?)!
"Poke him like it's facebook!"
"That's tight like Benedict's Cumbersnatch."