Episode 9

Gordon and the Double Decker Coaches

Gordon was feeling grumpy. This was making James cross. "Why are anda complaining all the time?" Asked James.

"Because I am a splendid express engine. You're just a small engine that gets nothing, but ideas above their station."

"I can't see any." Replied Percy.

"Any what?" berkata Gordon.

"Ideas above the station." berkata Percy nervously.

"It's just a saying. Little green engines like anda are too stupid to understand." berkata Gordon.

James laughed, but Gordon was still grumpy, and left the sheds.

"Stupid inspector." berkata Gordon to himself, "He got scared of my impressive performance for no reason, and now Sir Tophamm Hat is making me pull freight trains."

His punishment only lasted one week, but when it ended, Gordon got to the station to wait for his express. As he waited, Gordon saw four big silver coaches, with three stripes on it, just like the ones on Sean.

"Those coaches are big enough for a bus." Exclaimed Gordon.

Sir Tophamm Hat overheard Gordon, and walked over to him. "These coaches," he said, " Are not to be used until further notice. Sean is taking them for a test run today, and will see if they are small enough to go through any tunnels on our line."

"Why Sean?" Asked Gordon, getting even lebih grumpy, "Those coaches should be for my express."

"Really Useful Engines do not argue." Replied Sir Tophamm Hat. He was running low on patience for Gordon, and left the station. As he left, Gordon noticed something. His morning express left the station at 8 o' clock, but it was 7:55 right now. He had five minit until it was time to go, but he had no coaches for his express.

"Where's Francesca when anda need her?" Questioned Gordon.

But Francesca had to take a special, and a new engine took her place. Sir Tophamm Hat did not tell the new engine about Gordon's express.

Gordon sighed, "Oh well. I might as well take those silver coaches." So Gordon went to the double decker coaches, and blew his whistle. "Get in quickly please." berkata Gordon.

The passengers were impressed, and got in quickly, and the shunter coupled up Gordon to the coaches.

The conductor blew his whistle while waving his green flag, the signal went down to tunjuk that the line was clear, and Gordon puffed off with the express.

Gordon quickly gathered speed, as he thundered down the line, "Hurry, hurry hurry." Shouted Gordon.

"There's plenty of time, there's plenty of time!" Replied the coaches.

Sir Tophamm Hat berkata that the coaches needed to be tested to see if they could fit in any of the tunnels, but Gordon forgot all about it. He saw Henry's Tunnel, and went faster.

The bahagian, atas of the first coach hit the tunnel, and Gordon immediately uncoupled himself from his train, and got his tender derailed. The front bogies of the first coach were also derailed, but it was nothing severe.

I'm sorry to say, that it was not the same for the bahagian, atas of the coach. There was a huge dent, and a lot of scratches. The passengers were lebih frightened then hurt.

When Sir Tophamm Hat was notified about the damage, he spoke severly to Gordon, "I warned anda not to use those double decker coaches, but anda went right ahead, and did it anyway!"

"I'm sorry sir." berkata Gordon, but secretly he didn't care.

"You're going to pull freight trains until this tunnel is clear, which will take a very long time."

"Yes sir." berkata Gordon sulkily. He was hoping that Sean would've caused the accident instead of him.