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Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run sejak five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Episode 35: The Importance Of Teamwork

Narrator: In many situations, a locomotive pulling his/her train can struggle with it, and will require assistance from another engine. Most engines are embarrassed, atau nervous about this. Several of the engines on the Island Of Errol feel that way.

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Juliette: *Stops at Hunterdon station*
Mily: *Next to Jessica, watching Juliette pull into the station*
Jessica: That train you're pulling is very heavy.
Juliette: Y'all better believe it.
Jessica: We see it. We don't need to believe it.
Audience: *Laughing*
Juliette: I'm the only engine that can pull heavy trains like this one.
Mily: What about Mike Fonzi? I think he can pull a train as heavy as that.
Jessica: And heavier ones as well.
Juliette: *Ignores Mily, and Jessica* I ain't listenin' to you. I'm outta here.
Conductor: *Arrives* Juliette, before we go, Ms. Scarlett has advised us to wait for an engine to help us get up the hill. Your train will be heavy.
Juliette: I'm strong enough to pull the train up that bukit myself without help.
Conductor: All aboard! *Gets into the train*
Juliette: *Pulls her train out of the station*
Narrator: Mily, and Jessica looked at each other with concern. Juliette seemed angry with them.

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Juliette: *Departs Mossberg station*
Narrator: Up ahead was the hill. Nearly every engine has stalled on this bukit with heavy loads.
Juliette: I never had trouble on this hill. Things will be easy for me. *Going 90 miles an jam up the hill, but slows down, feeling how heavy her train is* Whoa. This ain't as light as I thought it was.
Narrator: Now are anda having trouble?
Audience: *Laughing*
Juliette: *Gets stuck halfway up the hill* This is ridiculous.
Marisa: *Passing sejak with her train* Need help Juliette?
Juliette: *Nervous* No, I'm just restin'. Yeah, don't try to help.
Marisa: For an engine that's resting, anda look very nervous.
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: This made Juliette lebih nervous.
Brenna: *Pulls her train up the other side of the hill* Boy, I never thought I was gonna make it up that hill. *Notices Juliette* Need help?
Juliette: No!
Brenna: No need to be angry.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Brenna decided to tell the workmen at Mossberg station. From there, they called Ms. Scarlett.

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Mily: *Resting in Hunterdon, awaiting her seterusnya assignment*
Ms. Scarlett: Mily, Juliette is stuck on the hill, and needs your help.
Mily: My help? Okay, I'm on my way. *Puffs to Juliette*
Narrator: Juliette was angry. The conductor, and passengers were mad at her.
Conductor: anda should have waited for another engine.
Juliette: I can do this if the passengers weren't overweight.
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Well, that wasn't a nice thing to say.
Mily: *Stops behind Juliette's train* Juliette, I'm here to help.
Juliette: Even worse. Mily came to help.
Narrator: anda should be thankful that someone even showed up in the first place.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mily: Ready when anda are.

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Juliette: Let's just get this over with. *Pulls her train*
Mily: *Pushes the train*
Juliette: I know I can't, I know I can't, I know I can't.
Mily: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. *Her wheels slip fiercely*
Juliette: Had enough?
Mily: Not until anda get your train over the top.
Juliette: With anda helpin', we'll probably get back to the bottom.
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Despite Juliette's negative attitude, she got to the top, and raced down the other side, bound for Angler Station.
Juliette: *Stops at the station, and sees Ms. Scarlett*
Ms. Scarlett: How come anda tried pulling your train without any help?
Juliette: I didn't think I needed it.
Ms. Scarlett: Well, after what happened, I think anda need lebih help than anyone else on this railway. I think anda owe Mily, and Jessica an apology. anda weren't being nice to them at all.
Juliette: *Annoyed* Fine. *Leaves the station*
Narrator: Mily, and Jessica were resting in one of the sheds in Hunterdon. Juliette hesitated at first, but decided to sertai the two engines.
Juliette: *Slowly moving towards Mily, and Jessica*
Narrator: Jessica, and Mily didn't notice Juliette at first, because they were telling each other jokes.
Jessica: Here's one I got. anda know how feeling blue means you're feeling sad?
Mily: Yeah.
Jessica: You're blue, but I never see anda sad.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mily: *Laughs* That is funny.
Juliette: *Moves closer to Mily, and Jessica*
Mily: Hi Juliette. Wanna sertai us?
Juliette: May I?
Jessica: Sure. We're Friends after all.
Narrator: Juliette wasn't expecting Jessica to say that at all. She didn't think that Mily, and Jessica would want to be Friends with her after what happened.
Juliette: *Turns around on a turntable, and backs into a berth between Jessica, and Mily* Listen, about what happened earlier, I'm sorry.
Mily: It's alright.
Jessica: We forgive you.
Mily: But seterusnya time anda need help, just ask us. We'll be glad to help anda on the hill.
Narrator: And the three engines had a pleasant evening telling cheerful stories, and jokes.

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Breakdown Train Theme - Sudrian Afro
CHiPs Theme - John Parker and Alan Silvestri

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