Mike "Fonzi" is the narrator.

Narrator: Heeey.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience.
Ian: *Back on the Eastern Pacific, he stops at a red signal at Nova Station*
Rio: *Behind Adam, coupled up to him, and a freight train* Ian's here.
Adam: Oh, good.
Ian: Good to see anda two as well.
Adam: I don't suppose anda heard the news.
Ian: What news?
Rio: Marcus and Catherine went to Philadelphia for their vacation, but...someone scrapped them.
Ian: What?
Rio: The two of them were spending some time in 30th street, until someone from Septa shot them.
Ian: Any reason why he did that?
Adam: The police think he was trying to mug them.
Ian: Boy. First those two B&O diesels try to get rid of them, and then some Rawak engine from Septa, actually succeeds. Wonder how many others wanted to stop them.
Adam: Mr. Baldwin berkata that he wanted to see anda at the roundhouse when anda got back.
Ian: Well, I don't want to keep him waiting, but this signal is still red.

Theme Song: link

Adam: *Watching the signal turn green* anda were saying?
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Ian: *Heads for the roundhouse*


Sean: *Going 75 miles an jam with eight amfleets*
Makenzie: *Enters Santa Cruz with her passenger train*
Grayback: *Passes a railroad crossing as he pulls seven freight cars*
Panzer: *Slowly going backwards to the Hunterdon Central interchange with five hoppers*
Kenny: *Pulling a freight train with Tito*
Juliette: *Getting off of a turntable, piring in Eastwood*


Austin: *Arrives at Mossberg Harbor. He sees Mily and Joey*
Ethan: *Arrives at the interchange with Kenny's Line. He is pulling two boxcars*

Starring Sean of the Eastern Pacific
Makenzie of the Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway
Grayback of the Hunterdon Central Railway
panzer of the Northern Errol Line
Kenny of Kenny's Line
and Juliette of the Eastwood & Mossberg Railway
Also starring Sean Bodine as S.B.

Shayne: *Stops seterusnya to Ian*
Marisa: *Backs up to fifteen passenger cars in one of the yards at Hunterdon*

Ian: *Backing into the sheds, seterusnya to Mily and Sean*
S.B: *Arrives in his car*
Mily: Hi.
S.B: *Gets out of his car* Hi everyone.
Austin: *Arrives* Am I late?
Sean: You're early.
Mily: We've been waiting for twenty minutes.

Episode 131: Use Your Manners

Austin: *Stops on the turntable* Oh.
Narrator: As Austin backed in to the roundhouse, Mr. Baldwin finally arrived.
Mr. Baldwin: Sorry I'm late guys, there was an accident at one of the intersections. I had to turn around, and use another road to get here.
Sean: At least you're selamat, peti deposit keselamatan sir.
Mr. Baldwin: Thank you. Now I got some bad news. Some of the other engines might have told anda already, but-
Ian: Marcus and Catherine have been scrapped during their vacation in Philadelphia.
Mr. Baldwin: Yes Ian, that is correct, but please don't interrupt me. Now, without Marcus and Catherine to help us, I decided-
Ian: To buy another engine.
Mr. Baldwin: Ian! Stop interrupting me! I'm not even buying another engine, I'm borrowing Jessica from Ms. Scarlett until things calm down. Please treat her with respect, and kindness. Ian.
Ian: Hey!
Audience: *Laughing*
Mily: He's got a point.
Austin: anda need to use your manners.
S.B: Manners aren't everything, but they do help in the long run.
Mr. Baldwin: Jessica will be here tomorrow. That is all. *Takes his megaphone out of the tower*
Ian: What right did he have to call me out like that?
S.B: Every right, he's your controller.
Ian: He had no right. Maybe a left, perhaps. He does turn left a lot when he's driving out of here.
Audience: *Laughing*
Sean: Ian, you've been very disrespectful towards a lot of the others lately.
Mily: Including me.
Sean: So Mr. Baldwin thought it would be nice to give anda a peaceful reminder on using your manners. There's no harm in that, right?
Ian: I don't know what he's talking about. *Leaving the roundhouse*
Austin: I guess he'll have to learn the hard way.
Narrator: Tomorrow arrived.
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: And Jessica also arrived to help us out.
Jessica: *Backs into the roundhouse, seterusnya to Mike. She begins to blush* Hey.
Mike: Heeey.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Boy was I lucky.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mr. Baldwin: Welcome Jessica. Your first freight train is already being prepared in the yards. I need anda to take it to Nova.
Jessica: Yes sir. *Heads off to the yards*
Narrator: Up ahead, Ian was pulling his train. He wasn't having any difficulty, until...
Ian: *Starts to go up the hill, and his speed slowly decreases* I don't like this.
Narrator: Ian poured on as much power as he could, but the train was still too heavy. Halfway up, he had no choice, but to put on his brakes.
Ian: Ugh...well, at least I didn't have any wheel slip.
Bri: *Passing Ian's train. Her wheels slip as she goes up the hill*
Ian: Unlike someone behind me.
Bri: *Groans* These passenger cars are too heavy. I don't know if I can make it to the top. *Slipping* Ah!
Ian: hei Bri, anda think maybe, anda could give me a hand?
Bri: *Pants* I don't think so. My train's already heavy enough. *Slipping, and slowly moving backwards* Ah!!
Ian: Well, when anda finish, anda think anda have enough time to help?
Bri: *Slowly moving forward, still slipping* No. Sorry. *Groans as she continues to slip*
Ian: *Watching Bri slowly alih up the hill* At least one of us is making progress.
Narrator: A few lebih minit passed, along with a few other engines.
Devon: *Passing Ian as he pulls a passenger train* I'm afraid I'm too busy.
Ian: Drat.


Jerry: *Pulling another freight train* My engine's Berlakon up. I won't have enough power.
Ian: *Gritting his teeth in anger*
Mily: *Pulling a doubleheader passenger train with Jazlin* We might be able to.
Jazlin: But we have no time to waste. We must get our passengers to the harbor.
Narrator: Mily was still talking to Ian, but he was too angry to listen. The two steam engines were going too fast to pay attention. After an hour, Ian was not taking no for an answer. He would make the others help him, no matter what. Jessica was passing with her freight train.
Ian: Finally. *Looks at Jessica as she passes* Jessica!!!
Jessica: *Slowly passing Ian with her freight train*
Ian: Where do anda think you're going?! Get back here and help me at once!!
Jessica: *Rolls her eyes* Some manners.
Ian: Great. Nobody wants to help me. I can't leave any of my freight cars in the middle of the mainline, and a siding is too far away. I need lebih diesel fuel.
Narrator: But soon, Mily returned with Jazlin. They brought a tank car to refuel Ian. Mily coupled up front, and Jazlin returned the tank car.
Ian: You, came back?
Mily: Don't be surprised. I did tell anda we'd return to help anda out.
Ian: I guess I wasn't listening.
Mily: *Giggles* Are anda ready?
Ian: As ready as I'll ever be.
Narrator: Together, they got the train to Nova. Later that hari when they returned to the roundhouse, Ian spoke to the others.
Ian: I, wanna apologize for my actions.
Mily: I forgive you.
Jazlin: So do I.
Jessica: Me too.
Ian: It's very important to have good manners, especially since we're working together.
Narrator: Teamwork baby, yeah!
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Jessica left a couple of days later, but she was looking ke hadapan to seeing Ian, and the others again.

Ending theme (Start it at 1:10): link

The end credits begin with Ian pulling another freight train. He is leaving the Hunterdon Central interchange, and heading for Weaver.

Characters In Episode

Mr. Baldwin
Mike "Fonzi"
And Sean Bodine as S.B.

Songs Featured For Episode

CHiPs Theme: John Parker & Alan Silvestri

The End

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