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posted by BarbaraCocaCola
Tony POV

Ziva's really beautiful tonight. Her dark brown curls are so perfect, resting on her shoulders. Her body is carved sejak that amazing dress. I don't think I will be able to do what Gibbs asked. Ziva is a distraction, a big one, a huge one.

Ziva POV
We're in the car. This silence is killing me.
-I hope anda know how to dance salsa...-I say, trying to break the tension.
-Do you?-He asks.
-I... I think so.
-I'm a great dancer.
-Sure...-I say.
The silence is installing again.
-Finally!-I blow, seeing the club at the bottom of the street.
Tony is leaving the car and he goes toward my door. He opens...
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Disclaim----I do not write any of the lyrics that are starred. I only wrote the story they inspiredd(: i alsoo don't own NCIS atau anything to do with it other than i'm a HUGGEE fan, and i also have seasons 1,2,and 3 on dvd. i'm gettin 4 for my bday hopefullyy! (:

----okay so i have no time so no funky fonts atau anything.....sorry ;(---------

*this is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world! And while she looks so sad in photographs i absolutley Cinta her, when she smiles*-three doors down, story of a girl

Ziva sat alone, the single lamp making febel attempts to illuminate...
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posted by earane
FanFiction everyone on this sitepage must off read/write them. A lot of anda will also know about fanfiction.net
Now what my plan is, to make a senarai with reall good tiva fanfictions so that anda do not have to search, because mostly fellow readers can point the best stories at you.
The idea is this, name the story+ the penulis in your komen and I'll put it on the list, but please don't put your own in the comments, let's stay objective.

My girl - Angel-death-dealer
The pisau - Broadway007
Blank - Prissy and Bregan
Captives - DiNUTZzo
Just One lebih - Aldea0402
Motherhood - Sophie Ranier
Me, My fake husband, and my crazy aunt - broken piece of the puzzle
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posted by BarbaraCocaCola
Ok, this is the last chapter I know it took too long.... This is a very short chapter, anyway, I hope anda like it!

I hold her in my harms, I feel her hati, tengah-tengah beating and her inconsolable sob.
-Calm down…. –I say, passing my hand through her hair. –I… I shouldn’t have kissed you, I’m sorry Ziva… I didn’t want anda to stay like this, ok? Stop crying…
Finally I set her free from my harms, she’s looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes tired of crying.

-This is kind of sad…. –I say.
-Abby, I’m not sure if this will result… -McGee says.
-Shut up McGee!...
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posted by Ms_Montana
Lost then found

Look out.

Be careful.

Watch your step.

Take care.

I Cinta you.

Staring at tears on the pages
Of letters that I never could’ve write

“Still in our galaxy, Zee-vah?” Tony’s words brought her back to reality. She looked up and saw him standing in front of her desk. He tried to smirk as evil as possible. Her absent look lay on a sheet of paper on the desk.
“Stop bothering me.” Ziva knew she was rude to him, but right now she didn’t care. The headache didn’t want to go away. The bad feeling inside her didn’t want to go away.
“Just as anda wish; my ninja.” he bowed down...
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AN: Inspired sejak the rainy weather in last night's episode, Double Identity. This is just a prologue, and I'm not sure if I would continue this atau not. If I get struck with plot bunnies again, maybe? And if listening to Lady Antebellum's 'Need anda Now' and Beyonce's 'Halo' would help, I would most likely post another chapter.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, sorry. Just the idea for the fanfic. But the characters, NCIS, the rainy weather, NO.

Spoilers: Nine Lives and Truth atau Consequences. A little of Double Identity.

When Ziva was seven, a boy told her he liked her. She punched him and he never showed...
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* Disclaimer #1: NCIS ≠ mine
** Disclaimer #2: All book titles mentioned are inventions of my imagination. If they are the same as any real book titles, it was done entirely accidentally; I don’t own the rights to those books.
*** Disclaimer #3: As I have never gone through such a traumatic experience, I can only imagine the psychological effects. I mean no disrespect to anyone who has if I explain them unrealistically.
**** Justification: I felt like the hyper Ziva we’ve been seeing needed some explaining. So here is some explaining.
***** Setting: Within a few weeks following Good Cop,...
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posted by yay4wicked
    She felt it, deep inside, past the flippant excuses and carefully manufactured carelessness that guarded her heart: a stone had settled. She couldn’t help a measured glance around the room. Nowhere, in the sea of faces, were the two that Ziva needed to see. As the room rose to their feet and she rose with them, the stone settled still deeper, disturbing the mound of buried betrayal that she had hoped would stay covered forever. And as she started to speak, her very words accused her. Do anda know what you're doing? - they seemed to whisper in her ear. Of America, she...
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posted by yay4wicked
“...and don’t forget, take lots and lots of pictures, don’t kill each other...oh, Tony, you’ve got to try that little cafe I told anda about! They have the best biscuits; well, not biscuits, but whatever they call them in France…”
    Tony and Ziva blinked at Abby, slightly exasperated, but smiled to her as the door began to shut. Just then a streak of red-tipped white shot into the elevator. Tony sighed as the door opened again.
    “And one lebih thing. Stay safe,” Abby pronounced firmly, her gaze raking them both and lingering on Ziva...
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#4 wow i realy like this one i hope anda do to but if not tell me why not so i can make anda like it and also if anda like black tali pinggang vs assassin read my other ones they are called sister sister ,but i need help to get past the 2 chapter so please help me
Megan’s pov
She had never been so insulted
This girl just stud there withstanding her sneer like it was the most hilarious thing in the world don’t get her wrong she had seen people laugh at her before but never while she had this look on and don’t think her conceded but she had also never...
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I am absolutely confident that there are lots of medical mistakes and the like. I am also fully aware that the police would’ve taken Tony’s phone at the crime scene, but for the sake of the story, I’m asking anda to overlook it.


When the World Falls Down

This chapter takes place a very short while after the first.

Gibbs liked to work on his bot late at night. It gave him time to reflect on the latest case, remind himself that he made a difference in the world and why he did what he did.

As the scent of sawdust filled his nostrils, he registered another...
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A/N: Small chapter, I apologise but I promise the seterusnya one is like OMG!Tiva. I used a bit of the dialouge from promos in this chapter, just to clarify things. I'm trying to make my own fic but incorporating spoilers too. Not much to say here... Awkward.
Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS.
Song: Little Secrets sejak Passion Pit.


They all knew one thing, it was going to be a long day...

Who really cares if Eli was...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Here's the follow up.
DISCLAIMER-As many of anda already know,my name is not Don Belisario. Therefore,I do not have any control over NCIS. I do not own the characters. I don't own Paranormal Activity either.
Ziva's POV...
I skimmed through the journal. He had quite the vocabulary.
I can't help but Cinta her. I can't do a lot of things. Like sweep her off her feet. I'm such an idiot! Michael made her happy. I should've just let him kill me. Maybe she'd be happy.
Narrator's POV...
Ziva heard the bathroom door open. Using her ninja skills,she spread herself out on the bed.
"Hi,Tony." she berkata in...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Well,this took a lot of thought. komen-komen are equal to happiness. This has a pratonton of the song Mockingbird sejak my kegemaran artist,Rob Thomas.DISCLAIMER-Don't own the characters atau the music. I'm not going to write another chapter until there are at least 5 comments!
"Tony!" I exclaimed as I saw the most valuable person in my life fall to the ground.
I ran to his side,relieved that it was only his shoulder that was shot.
"I'm okay,Ziva." he breathed.
I wrapped my arms around him,with my gun in my left hand. As my hands joined at the back of his neck,I shot at the shooter,who stood saying....
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Carry anda Home-James Blunt

He is walking for over two hours.
-Damn! I'll never find her... -Tony says.
He see a man, first he looks just like another man, but there is something in his eyes that disturbs him.
Tony follows him, the man runs to a corner where there is an old swimming pool.
They are in a dark and wet room, the same dark and wet room where Ziva was. But she's not there, Tony doesn't see her. He only sees the man, with that evil eyes pointing his gun.
-Looking for someone?-The man asked.
-Where's she?!
-She? Who?
-Ziva. I know that anda have her...
-Your little friend is not here.
In the...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Here is a little something I have written. I know anda guys might be sick of me Penulisan Tony's POV,but I just get a kick out of his thoughts! Some of this stuff might be a little off,it is about Tony's mom's side of the family. Disclaimer-the usual,dont own it,but want it.

I stepped through the doors of my Aunt Eleanor's house,thinking of what to say.

"Tony,where are we?" Ziva asked as she furrowed her brows.
"My childhood." I answered.

Ziva shut the car door and ran to my side. She stepped in only to be checked out sejak my younger cousin Rooney. He was only 12.

"Anthony DiNozzo Jr.,where have...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Disclaimer-Nope, I do not own NCIS,only some small gifts.
I have noticed that a lot of people do Ziva's POV,so I am going to write a Tony's POV.

He dragged himself up the wooden stairs to his apartment door. "Another waisted day, DiNozzo." he berkata as he figeted with his key. He through his gear onto the small couch, where he noticed he still had not read the biography of the penulis to Deep Six.

Tom E. Gemcity

He skipped the part about boring McGee's life, and then saw how the characters came to life.

Agent Tommy and Agent Lisa were created sejak two people I admire very much. They will remain...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
I own nothing, but in this story i finish the ''movie'' they watch in jurisdiction!

As Tony reached for the popcorn, he relised Ziva had fallen asleep. He grabbed the popcorn, and she awoke. ''Want me to take anda home?'' he asked. ''No, I'm going to the autopsy.'' Ziva got up and stumbled, but Tony caught her. Tony decided just to carry her there.
She fell asleep in his arms, when he put her down she awoke again. ''Can I ask anda a soalan Tony?'' ''Sure, my ninja.''

''Do anda feel like.. anda are in Cinta with someone?'' Tony had a smile on his face. ''Why?'' he said. ''Because , I'm in Cinta with...''...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
I own nothing , including the people this article.

The sound of knocking on the door woke her up.She had dreamed that Tony finally berkata the words, I Cinta you.Ziva got up and limped to the door,she opened it and it was Tony. He had brought her coffee.''Hey, sleepy head.'' he berkata with a cute smile.She opened the door and berkata ''Thanks.''

He gave her a grin, and asked ''What did ya dream about?'' She looked up at him with a confused look. ''Come on everybody dreams about deep secrets, what was yours?'' ''A man.'' She berkata with a smirk. He dug in his jaket pocket ,and pulled out her favorite...
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