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Automatic - Acoustic

***dark side of the sun***


darkside of the sun premire!!!!

driod commercial

Bill speaking Chinese on Taiwan MSN!!

Tokio Hotel - Phantomarider (acoustic) In Audi Fashion Show, Singapur 28/04/10

Interview with Tokio Hotel on CNA in Singapore

Fly FM Malaysia - Interview with Tokio Hotel

channel v interview

strange cover sejak vsq

pain of Cinta in malaysia

toms gitar solo

humanoid city noise

humanoid city Anjing unleashed

world behind my dinding

tokio hotel humanoid adventure

tokio hotel funny 2009

THTV - Patty Cakes with Bill & Tom Kaulitz

Tokio Hotel Halloween 2005 [english translation]

Tokio Hotel Backstage Interview Comet 2010 (ENG Subs)

Tokio Hotel - Giga TV interview

Tokio Hotel Zimmer 483 DVD The Documentary

tokio hotel - Devilish

Tokio Hotel (RTL exclusiv 08.01.06)


Für Immer Jetzt

World Behind My dinding




Anjing unleashed

darkside of the sun

ready set go

automatic live MTV hari

automatic acoustic version

the winner of best live act is..tokio hotel

tokio hotel outtakes

Adam Lambert crushing on Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel

Tom freakin' out AND Bill without makeup

Bill wants a girl with a beautiful soul

Tokio Hotel - Automatic

Tokio Hotel - Ready, Set, Go!

bills and tom speak russian

Monsoon backwords

How violent can Bill be ? O_o he hits poor little Tomi ! xD

BILL so happy I could die ^^

Tokio Hotel - 1000 Oceans

Tokio Hotel - Live DVD Trailer

Tokio Hotel - World Behind My dinding

Bill Gets Hit On Stage.....

Bill Kaulitz and Tutanhamon

funny interview XD

bill and tom talking bad about themselves(eng subs)

tokio hotel -zoom into me

tokio hotel-new thrailer!!! XD

tokio hotel<-funny video

Tokio Hotel GQ Cover - Do anda like their outfits?

world behind my dinding sejak tokio hotel live in athens

Paparazzi-Bill Kaulitz

My Destiny-Bill Kaulitz slideshow

TATU and Tokio Hotel mashup

Bill and Tom talk about a crazy fan!

TH don't like to watch themselves!

Tokio Hotel - Geisterfahrer + Lyrics

phantomrider sejak tokio hotel lyrics !

1000 Meere

Ready, Set, Go





Durch den Monsun

Tom Kaulitz and Chantelle Paige

Tokio Hotel Georg Immer das selbe

Tokio Hotel 2009: EMA Performance (LIVE)

Tokio Hotel Documentary English Subs

Automatisch (HD Version)

Automatic (HD version)

Gustav & Georg DTM Int. w/subs

Bill Singing Brittany Spears

Finding Gustav

Tokio Hotel~Dirty

Schrei - live

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are HOT!

Tokio Hotel speak english

Bill and Tom read Georgs diary

In Die Nacht Unplugged

Stich Ins Gluck

Rescue me (with lyrics)

Don't jump (with lyrics)

Bill: What a Beautiful Weather!

Tokio Hotel's Working on New Music!

Tokio Hotel - Übers Ende der Welt [02-23-2007]. LIVE

Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 53]: EMA 08 - Liverpool here we come

Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 52]: Cooking For Dummies!

Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 51]: Summer Feeling at the Pool!

bill dancing!!!!

Tokio Hotel Live MTV EMA 2007 Monsoon

Tom Kaulitz goes Sony Ericsson Fanwalk to the MTV EMA's