Chapter 1: The Winning Tickets
As Hitsugaya finished the last
remaining piece of paperwork,
Momo came in with a smile while
holding two tickets. Hitsugaya saw
her and looked right back down to
hide a blush he knew was going to
appear. "Hey Hitsugaya-kun!" she
berkata with a cheerful voice. "It's
Hitsugaya-taicho, and what is it?"
He asked in a serious voice.
"Look what I have." She berkata while
holding up the tickets in her hand.
"Are those the raffle tickets they've
been selling at the fourth
division?" He asked. "Yea, I bought
one for me and one for you!"
"Why'd anda buy one for me? Isn't
the prize some tickets to a resort?"
"Well, yea, shiro-chan, but if I win
and go alone it wouldn't be any fun.
So if we both win we can go
together." She asked while thinking
of how spending time with
Hitsugaya and away from work
would feel like. Hitsugaya also
thought about what it would be
"Well, anyways, here's the ticket
Shiro-chan." She berkata and then
handed him the tickets. Hitsugaya
took it and looked at it. It had the
number 1220 on it, the tarikh of his
birthday. "I got the numbers of
your birthday for good luck. I got
the number 1221 for myself." She
berkata sounding proud.
"Thanks Bed-wetter." He berkata before
putting the ticket into his pocket.
"No, Shiro-chan! They're going to
announce the winning numbers
soon. Don't put it away yet!" She
berkata impatiently.
Suddenly a gentle voice was heard
throughout Seireitei through a
kido. The voice could only belong to
'Ok, thank anda all for supporting us,
the 4th division. I will now
announce the winning ticket
numbers. If anda have a winning
ticket, please lapor to the 4th
division to claim your prize. The
winning numbers are: 0929, 0910,
1221, and 1220. Sorry if anda didn't
win, but once again, thank anda all
for participating.' The message was
over and the room became silent
until a scream was heard from the
"TAICHOOOOO! I WON!" Matsumoto
screamed out and ran inside. She
grabbed Momo and hugged her and
they both jumped up and down.
Hitsugaya couldn't believe the luck
they had and he looked away and
smiled. A smile that no one saw.
"Hitsugaya-kun and I won too!"
Momo berkata happily. Rangiku smiled
and hugged her even more. "That
means all of us are going" she took
a pause and looked at Hitsugaya
before continuing "and don't worry
Taicho. I won't bother anda or
Momo." She berkata causing Hitsugaya
to blush and glare at her.
Momo just looked around and
wondered what they were talking
about, but then she realized
something. "Wait, there were four
winners. Whose the last one?" she
asked Matsumoto. "I don't know I
just hope it's not someone
annoying, I especially hope it's not
Gi-" "Hey Ran-chan." berkata a waving
Rangiku blushed at the sight of
him, but it disappeared almost as
soon as it came. "Is there
something anda need Ichimaru?"
Asked a serious Toshiro. Ichimaru
shook his head and showed them a
ticket with the number 0910.
Rangiku almost screamed again,
but managed to contain herself in
front of Gin.
"Looks like we won the prize." Gin
said. "Let's go get the prize!" Momo
replied in her cheerful voice again.
They all arrived at the 4th division
to pick up the four prize tickets. It
was a ticket for the shinigami
resort. All four of them were going
to go the seterusnya hari and Momo and
Rangiku couldn't contain
themselves. Hitsugaya and
Ichimaru were happy they could
spend time their girls alone.
The seterusnya hari came soon and they
gathered at the 10th division ready
to leave. Momo was extra hyper and
Rangiku was just as hyper. Toshiro
just stared at Momo jumping
around and soon Ichimaru arrived.
The four of them then started
heading to the resort.