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posted by GingerxMandark
okay everyone this is kinda like tdi only it has lebih shows from cn in them with your host Eddy from Ed,Edd,and Eddy!Also plz don't mean comment. thnx :)

Eddy:Hey everyone im your host Eddy the best host ever!...oh yeah and heres lumpy the cook....

Ed:Chicken in the soup!

Eddy:okay then so apparently double d didn't wanna come out here because it was to dirty atau something so thats why I Stuffed him and ten contestants into a plane.(plane lands)

Eddy:Okay let's meet contestant number 1 all the way from the kids seterusnya door number 1!

Number1:I swear Eddy anda better let me outta here atau else!!!

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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn and Lexi were walking in the mall. They just went to Rio (that's a store), and are going to the Makanan court.
"Hey, Dawn?" Lexi asked.
"Yeah?" Dawn replied.
"That looks like...Brandon..."
"CRAP! He's coming. HIDE!"
They tried to run away, but he came in too late. He leaned on the table, and looked at Dawn.
"Hey, babe."
"BRANDON. I'm your friend, not your babe."
"Jeasus. Don't be so rough. Hows about I get anda a slice of pizza?"
Dawn got her stuff, grabbed Lexi's wrist, and swiftly walked from the table.

THE seterusnya DAY...

Dawn was arriving at school. It was the last day, and she was very exited. She got...
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posted by Fangirl99
Brooke's POV


The most popular guy in school.Not only because of his 'looks and charms',but also because he won $1,000,000,000 dollars.

The guys think he is cool,(when their girlfriends aren't flirting with him.)and the girls are all over hi(seriously,some of the are).

He has TONS of stalkers (most of them are girls)And he has this HUGE group of kids following him.

I think it's sick.

I,on the other hand,was kinda of the loner.

While all me stupid Friends abandoned me for Alejandro,all I really hung out with was my sister,Zoe.

One hari at lunch,I waited at my sister to sit at our...
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Name: Kelley Nikki Dietzerina

Age: 16

DOB: 4/21/95

Roll in story: protagonist

Height: 4"10'

Weight: unknown (is skinny)

Hair color: brunett

Eye color: blue (w/o glasses)

Hair length: down to shoulders

Sibilings: youngest of three tripletes

Looks (scale 1-10): 7

Oriantation: straight

Status: single

Grade: junior

Area of birth: Manitoba, Churchill

Raised: Nunavut, Iqaloit

IQ: 137

Bio: Kelley was always the smart one out of the three tripletes even for being the runt. Raised in a small town area too. She loved her old town, but was raised later on in the subborns- not too fun for her. She doesn't mind the change,...
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"Hey the mall's about to close we're gonna go. anda coming Aubree?"

"Nah." I say looking away from them then back. "Alexander is supposed to be coming to pick me up."

"Well..." One of my Friends says looking towards the other then back to me. "If your sure."

"He should be here any minute." I say.

Two hours later was when I started to walk home. Leaves on the trees fell while I walked and I turned to look as a car stopped beside me. "Need a lift?" He asked looking at me I should have took this as a sign to run away.

"Yeah please." I say. What happened seterusnya should have yet again shot off alarms in...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
As usual, I feel the need to give a sex/swearing warning to those who feel uncomfortable with such things. This isn't done in my usual story-format, but rather, in script format.
Let me know what anda think in the comments! :D


Adriana: Hm? (0:02)
Branson: I can see where this is going. (0.04)
Adriana: She's really pretty... (0:10)
Branson: LAME! (0:17)
Adriana: so it's one of these... (0:17)
Adriana: Oh there's more? (0:20)
Carter: Not all girls are worried about their hair though... (0.21)
Lucy: I'm going to hunt down these girls...
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Seeing which of my OCs is single, and which pairs anda guys are still willing to try out, I'm hoping to write coupley stuff in the future.
Francis- Taken sejak Noah, but anda can still flirt with him.
Pierce- Crushing on Miranda. (Very much hoping to make them a thing soon)
Yasmin- Dating Nicko
Chloe- Taken (in her story, that is)
Vincent- Single, but having trouble getting over his ex.
Carter- Taken sejak Ray.
Dan- Crushing on Alicia (hoping to make them a thing soon)
Phil- Crushing on Jen (hoping to make them a thing soon)
Angie- Crushing on Trent
Damon- Single
Dayton- Dating Kelsey
Lucy- Single...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
So, yeah. I'm not updating Total Drama Disney. I want that fanfic to be the best of the best and I don't have time to make it so this week with school starting and family problems occurring.
Sorry it's short.

The seterusnya hari was fucking brutal.
I wake up alone in my hotel bed; I guess Francis must have left sometime last night. And to be honest with you, comfort sex is incredible.
The entire fight with my parents is still vivid in my memory, I really want to forget it and alih on, but it’s hard. So hard. At least when I have Francis around things get a little better.
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posted by ninjacupcake88
So yeah... this is my single OCs (or just OCs that don't have crushes), and some info about them. For shipping purposes.

Full Name: Lucy Taylor Clements
Age: 17
Birthday: September 10th
Stereotype: The tomboy
Sexuality: Lesbian
Hair Color: Purple, blue and pink. Originally blonde.
Eye Color: Brown
Profession: Waitress.
Relationship Status: Single.
kegemaran Color: Purple
kegemaran Hobby: Penulisan (poems and such)
kegemaran Song/Singer: blessthefall, no favourite song.
kegemaran Book/Author: The Golden Compass
kegemaran School Subject: None.
Personality: Moody, will fight anda if...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Sorry it's so short guys D: I've been investing all my time in practicing for this huge audition I have coming up for a musical theatre camp scholarship.

Francis’ POV
I lay in katil (as usual) and the girl beside me (oh shit. What was her name?) pants heavily.
“Ohmygod.” She berkata in a simple breath.
I smirked at her, “Told anda I was good.”
“So what does this mean? Is this going to happen often?”
I smirked again and stroked her arm, “It could mean anything anda want, baby.”
Bzzz! Bzzz!
I held up a finger and reached for her side table, where my phone sat. I turned it on and saw...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Smartone123's soalan

To Francis from Nina: hei just asking now that that sexy piece of sexy has joins,meaning Stefania, now who's your fav girl? :3
Francis: "I don't know. How dirty is this Stefania chick?"

To Samantha from Hinta: hei girl,do anda like Alora?? :D
Samantha: *blushes* "No... of course not..."

To any of your OCs from Bulma: hei im wondering,is any of your OCs like like Hinta?
Drew: "He's very.... cute... and sweet... and adorable... and nice... *runs away, overwhelmed*"
Francis: "Yeah, he's hot."
Carter: O///O *blushes*
Yasmin: "He's so cute and sweet and...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Took. So. Long. To. Perfect. AND I STILL DON'T LIKE IT. D:
Oh well, hopefully anda do.
Yeah, usual warning; don't read if anda have problems with swears, sex, homosexuality, etc
Noah’s POV
About an jam atau two later I wake up in Francis’ bed, his strong arms wrapped around me. It feels a little unnatural to me; I’ve never been with anyone like this… I usually refuse to let Nicole Ciuman me, let alone lie naked with me in a bed.
I don’t know what to think of all this. Part of me wants to hate it, wants to hate him, but the other part is absolutely mad for him. WHY THE...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
A new chapter! Things are getting intense.
Once again, do not read if anda don't like swears, ESPECIALLY don't read if anda have a problem with sex. atau if anda have a problem with two guys being together.
Enjoy my friends! :D

Noah’s POV
The seterusnya few days were seriously like hell. I couldn’t even look at Francis without feeling bad for hurting him and without drowning in the Luar Biasa desire I felt towards him, and I couldn’t talk to Nicole without feeling bad that I cheated on her. The only people I found comfort in were Riley and Miranda.
I sat at a lunch table, reading. I was so zoned...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
A short chapter. Sorry guys D: the seterusnya one will be longer.
Francis' POV

I lay in bed, my thoughts were running wild. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I couldn’t get him out of my head.
Even when I was seterusnya to two of the hottest babes I’ve ever had the pleasure of banging, he was all that was on my mind. And it didn’t make sense, I had finally hooked up with him… shouldn’t it be over now?
“Is something wrong?” One girl asked.
The other girl nodded; “Yeah, you’ve been lying beside both of us for five minit now and anda haven’t even tried to touch either...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
1. Francis was originally a "class clown" type of OC, until I made him extremely sexual xD

2. Yasmin and Pierce were originally supposed to date.

3. Mia was one of my first OCs, but I hardly ever use her.

4. I used to be terrified of pairing my OCs with other people's because I was afraid no one would like my OCs D:

5. Tons of my OCs were supposed to be straight, but ended up gay/lesbian/bi (examples being Francis, Trinity, Jasey)

6. My newest OCs include Malinda, Alexis, Drew, Kadri, Phil, Dan and Skylar.

7. Francis is my favouritest OC of mine. Which is kinda sad... cause he's a douche. xD

8. Dayton...
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So. For those of anda who missed the last chapter... I'll sum it up for you: Noah went to a club where Francis sings at, Francis and him started talking and Francis was being unusually sweet and telling Noah that it's okay that he's gay. The chapter ended with Francis Singing a song (Lost in anda sejak Three Days Grace) which he dedicated to Noah, and the two of them kiss.
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex atau swearing, there's A LOT.
It's short. But that's okay.

Noah's POV

“Oh. My. God.” I panted.
I never...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
This is a romance meme in honor of Valentine's day! The results are sexual, flirtatious and all around completely awkward.
I chose some of my most sexual OCs for this to be as inappropriate, but hilarious as possible, if anda have problems with any sort of sexuality... please don't read this.
For those of anda who actually decide to press on, enjoy!


Twelve Characters I Cinta
1. Yasmin
2. Dayton
3. Carter
4. Francis
5. Chloe
6. Maylene
7. Pierce
8. Amy
9. Lucy
10. Cyrus
11. Hazel
12. Shayla

1. If [8] was involved with both [7] and [4] how would [7] and [4] react when they found out about...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Another sexual meme. And just really weird. Read at your own risk.
Thanks to Zmidy313 for giving me a Rawak senarai of my OCs to use.


Yeah, torturing your OC’s.... AGAIN!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!! We missed you...


Answer all the questions. If anda don’t I’ll find you, and watch anda sleep again. anda know, anda sleep like an angel... *fantasizes and drools*
Link back to the original meme in the description. Down there. ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE. Hehe, I’m so pervy XD
Comment and link if anda do this. It’s nice to know if people...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
WARNING: This meme contains insane amounts of pervertedness (mostly sejak Francis).
Read at your own risk.


- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order.
- Please link back to the blank.
- Enjoy. ;D


1. Francis
2. Maylene
3. Dayton
4. Yasmin
5. Carter
6. Lucy
7. Pierce

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would anda like a donut atau milkshake?

Francis: "Hello my sexy motherfu-"


Francis: "Fine! I'm Francis, and all about donuts. If anda know what I mean." *winks*

Maylene: "I'm Maylene! I like chocolatey Donat with...
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I think this is some record to the amount of time I've consistently updated a fanfic *throws confetti*
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex atau swearing, there's A LOT.
Another chapter, this time getting a little deeper...

Francis raised his head from the gitar once he finished the song. He saw me at the front of the crowd, giving a small smile. “I’m going to take a few moments to myself guys,” He told the audience, “Please just socialize atau something,”
He walks over to me, and I try to ignore the attraction...
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